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President Ramaphosa announces new regulation relaxation, Disaster Management Act to fall away after 16 April!


In his first speech to the nation in almost six months, his first Corona speech being two years ago, President Ramaphosa announced the lifting of the National State of Disaster Act once the public has commented on new Health regulations by 16 April.

The President enumerated the positive and negative effects of the Corona Virus over the two years.

He described our country as being at a watershed moment after four waves, due to 60 – 80 % of our country’s population having an illness immunity and/or being vaccinated. He said that the country’s economy has almost returned to normal. Continue reading →

President Ramaphosa announces new Lockdown Adjusted Level 4 regulations!


In a Speech following his Adjusted Level 3 Speech a mere 13 days ago, President Ramaphosa announced hard-hitting new measures to curb the ravaging Wave 3 of the Corona Pandemic in our country, with effect from tomorrow.

The President announced an Adjusted Level 4 Lockdown as of tomorrow, with Curfew starting at 21h00.  Restaurants may only offer Food Delivery and Collection.  No alcohol sales are allowed at all.

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President Ramaphosa announces Lockdown change to Adjusted Level 2, Restaurants to close at 22h00.


Earlier this evening President Ramaphosa announced in a ‘family gathering’ that our country’s Lockdown status will change to Level 2 Adjusted as of midnight tonight.

The major change of this Level 2 Adjusted Lockdown will be that the Curfew starting time changes to 23h00, and therefore that Restaurants have to close at 22h00. Restaurants and other venues may only seat up 100 diners inside, and 250 persons outside.  Continue reading →

President Ramaphosa moves SA to Level 1, shifts Curfew to midnight – 4h00, Restaurants remain open until 23h00!


Excellent news announced by the surprise and very short Speech by President Cyril Ramaphosa this evening is that the Government is moving the country to Level 1 from tonight, marking the 11-month anniversary of Lockdown in our country.

President Ramaphosa announced that the move to Level 1 pushes the Curfew to midnight, until 4h00. Restaurant closing times were not addressed, possibly moving to 23h00. In the Gazette, the closing time of restaurants is confirmed as 23h00.  Continue reading →