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How safe will it be to eat at restaurants again after the COVID-19 Lockdown is lifted?



Other countries are ahead of us in terms of timing, in being allowed to serve meals in restaurants again. How restaurants will amend their food offering and service will depend in part on the law of the country/state concerned, and the hygiene expectations of restaurant patrons.

After weeks of home-cooking, and tasting the first luxury of Restaurant Food Delivery to  Homes, will locals still want to return to restaurants? This question can only be answered if restaurants reassure their patrons that the strictest hygiene protocols are being adhered to.

New York Times Restaurant Critic Pete Wells wrote an article last week, about the safety of restaurants, and how the perception around food and hygiene safety will influence patrons supporting restaurants in general, and individual ones in particular.  As it contains pointers for restaurants around the world, all having been in the same COVID-19 boat, I have posted it in full below:


Restaurants are slowly returning in many states. Just because you can eat out again, though, does not mean that you should. And if you decide to go back before the virus is under control, it will not necessarily be clear which dining rooms are safest.

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Corona Virus Lockdown Level 4: New Government-allowed businesses to reopen, with some ridiculous regulations!


The Government is easing the restrictions of the economy, slowly but surely, and gazetted the opening up of three further industries two days ago, with immediate effect: Car sales, Winter clothing, and small businesses. Some of the Winter Clothing regulations are deemed to be a joke.  Continue reading →