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SA Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment continues its revenge action with racism allegations!


An interaction outside my EbbTide apartment block between an Uber driver and I, which was in part videoed by the driver without my permission, is circulating around Cape Town.

The SA Butler Academy, and its sister company Guild Recruitment, is circulating the video about this interaction, to businesses in Camps Bay and to the media, in an attempt to discredit me. They are using a fake email account ‘JR Williams’. The subject line of the email is ‘The way the tour guide Chris von Ulmenstein treats black tourists in Cape Town’.  Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 89 of Level 1, 28 December 2021


Tuesday 28 December 2021, Day 89 of Level 1. 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a hardworking day; for rain overnight until early this morning; for a less busy Tidal Pool area but Camps Bay Restaurants pumping late afternoon; for a walk to Woolies to pay my Rates & Taxes, and to Gibson’s for a delicious ice cream cone, sitting at the Beach and watching seagulls fly by and happy beachgoers, surprised to see the beach sand of one and a half years ago removed from the Kiddies Pool, after a hectic storm; for a beautiful sunset; for loving sitting at the Tidal Pool, and Continue reading →

Panic appears to be setting in at the SA Butler Academy in reaction to Carte Blanche program and student legal action!


On 27 December 2020 Carte Blanche broadcast its program about the South African Butler Academy (SABA), featuring former student Lin Yang, who has taken on SABA to get her money refunded, and to prevent potential Butler students from being misled by SABA. I was interviewed too, having identified in 2013 already that the marketing of SABA is misleading its prospective students and their parents.

I  summarised the interaction between SABA and myself, and between SABA and Lin Yang just after the Carte Blanche program was broadcast:

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Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato and Western Cape Premier Alan Winde express shock at heavy-handed Police action against peaceful Restaurant and Tourism industry protest in Cape Town this morning!


Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato expressed his shock at the treatment of Restaurant and Tourism industry staff, when they participated in a peaceful demonstration outside Parliament at 10h00 this morning: ‘I am appalled at video footage showing the aggressive conduct of the South African Police Service (SAPS) today as they used heavy handed tactics against peaceful hospitality industry protesters outside parliament this morning’.

I was slightly late for the start of the protest, and in walking past staff of Hudson’s in Kloof Street, they told me that the Police were prepared for the demonstration and started shooting water cannons and tear gas at the Restaurant and Tourism Industry representatives peacefully forming a human chain, with Social Distancing of 1,5 meters apart, outside Parliament. This action led to the peaceful demonstration being brought to an abrupt halt, and staff returning to their restaurants and businesses, angry, and severely disappointed with the police action and in the Government! Continue reading →