SA Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment continues its revenge action with racism allegations!



An interaction outside my EbbTide apartment block between an Uber driver and I, which was in part videoed by the driver without my permission, is circulating around Cape Town.

The SA Butler Academy, and its sister company Guild Recruitment, is circulating the video about this interaction, to businesses in Camps Bay and to the media, in an attempt to discredit me. They are using a fake email account ‘JR Williams’. The subject line of the email is ‘The way the tour guide Chris von Ulmenstein treats black tourists in Cape Town’. 

The SA Butler Academy and I first crossed paths in 2013, when a verification of one of its students whom I had employed went sour, and led to a Blogpost by me about the misleading marketing of the SA Butler Academy. The Blogpost sits firmly on the first page of Google, much to its dislike, the Butler Academy using every SEO trick in the book to only have its content seen on page one of Google. My Blogpost about the investigation which Carte Blanche did on the organisation is on the first page of Google too.

The Butler Academy’s attempt in the High Court to have my Blogpost taken down in 2013 failed.

The SA Butler Academy grossly misleads its students and hospitality industry clients!

On Thursday 14 July the Uber driver of a Renault CA 662-087 parked in front of the EbbTide garage and refused to move when I requested this, blocking access into our building. He refused, became argumentative, and he and other persons laughed and ridiculed me. This part of the 5 minute conversation was not videoed, only the last 30 seconds of me losing my cool when the driver made an age-discriminatory remark to me. I was severely provoked. The driver and his friends laugh all the way through the video, obviously thinking this to be a big joke. It triggered all my buttons, after four years of renters in our building affecting my right to a peaceful home and work environment in our building.

It is not known how the Butler Academy received the video, the Butler Academy writing on its website that it was supplied by a ‘Mr T.’

The email subject line of the Butler Academy email is incorrect, as there were no tourists involved, nor was I interacting with the driver as a tour guide. I am an owner of an apartment in the building and a Trustee of its Body Corporate. The email contains a link to the video, defames me by referring to me as ‘the gangster of Camps Bay’, and adds a link to a petition about my Whale Cottage guest houses, which I sold in 2015!

One wonders what marketing benefit the SA Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment think they get from posting the video on their websites and going on this vendetta against me.

The SA Butler Academy is facing a class action from 19 of its past students.


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2 replies on “SA Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment continues its revenge action with racism allegations!”

  1. Now SA Butler Academy changed its name to SABA International Butler Academy & Training School, after the media exposure. Bsides the Joint Action by 19 students from 6 countries, ex-student Lin Yang also instituted a Joint Simmons against SA Butler Academy, Guild Recruitment, Butler Training Pty Ltd, Butler Holdings Pty Ltd and their owners Newton Hilton Cross, Willem Adriaan Coetzer. Cape Town High Court Case No.: 10430/2020. Hearing is expected next year. If you want to be part of the Joint Action, contact Chris or Lin Yang: YLIN63 at hotmail

    • Thank you Yang.

      I admire your tireless action.

      Good luck for your legal cases.


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