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Blaauwklippen Sweet Service Award and Pick ‘n Pay Sour Service Award!

blaauwklippen-manor-houseThe Sweet Service Award goes to Blaauwklippen, and is nominated by Marilyn Levin: ‘I hope you are well. I would like to nominate the staff of Blaauwklippen Manor House/Bistro for a Sweet Award. We visited the farm today and I accidentally left my cell phone in the toilet.  I discovered that I had left it there about twenty minutes after it happened. I raced back to the Manor House/Bistro and asked told the manageress that I had lost my phone. She asked me the colour and I told her. One of the staff had found it and handed it in. Such honestly one does not always find. I was so grateful. Thank you to the staff of Blaauwklippen’. Continue reading →

Restaurant hell in Cape Town and Winelands over Festive Season!

imageClever Capetonians stay far away from restaurants over the Festive Season, given poor past experiences with service and food quality. It seems that many locals are brave enough or naive enough to go out during the Continue reading →

Time Freight Sweet Service and Tour HQ Sour Service Awards!

Time FreightThe Sweet Service Award goes to Time Freight, and is nominated by Marilyn Levin.   She wrote: I would like to nominate Lizette Groenewald from the firm Time Freight for your Sweet Award. She went out of her way to help me with an article I purchased through Groupon and went well beyond the call of duty – tracing the cupboard and keeping me informed as to its whereabouts. What a pleasure dealing with such an accommodating lady!’ Continue reading →

Cellucity Sweet Service and Pick ‘n Pay Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Cellucity in the V&A Waterfront, which was nominated by Marilyn Levin: I nominate Cellucity at the V and A Waterfront for an award. I had to replace my Blackberry and dealt with Herman Geldenhuys, the manager. Nothing was too much for him. He transferred all my data – cell numbers, messages, BBM, e-mail etc etc with a smile on his face. What a pleasure dealing with such a delightful man. All the sales people in the shop were just as friendly. Well done Cellucity”.

The Sour Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay in Canal Walk, and was nominated by a very angry Ashil Maharaj: ‘We have Rights and to have Rude Uncouth Managers violate our Rights we must stand up Together! Imagine Marwaan, the Store Manager, said I’m no longer Welcome in his Store(IS IT Because I’m INDIAN?)- All I did was stand up 4 my rights- he was so COLD!  Gulwinaaz made harsh statements to me to which I had to defend myself! Need a reason as to why a Pick n Pay employee Squashed the barcode in front of me- is that good business practice? The next Day I was banned from the Store by Marwaan who wasn’t even present during the incident!So Guys if you want to be insulted and treated like c… then Please Visit the Canal Walk Store! You too might be banned or Not Welcome for Standing up for your Rights! The saying goes if you can’t handle the heat Get out of the Kitchen! Marwaan if your store can’t Handle the ScaMright policy Remove IT! We to have our consumer rights so if Pick n Pay doesn’t want our business, don’t value us! Then why support Canal Walk! I was shocked when the Pick n Pay employee squashed the barcode not to honour promises and Managers are Rude & Arrogant! Can’t believe in a democratic country when a Person defends himself when he’s being defamed He gets Banned! That’s what happened to me in Pick n Pay Canal Walk! Remember HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 21 March!’

POSTSCRIPT 3/4: Ashil has written to say that his matter has been resolved with Pick ‘n Pay:Its Ashil! The matter with Pick n Pay has been Resolved amicably! I would like to retract all my Statements made against Pick n Pay and its employees as it was all just a huge misunderstanding!’

POSTSCRIPT 10/5: Despite Store Manager Marwaan telling me at the time that Pick ‘n Pay would respond to the Sour Award nomination, they have done so today for the first time, six weeks later, demanding that the post be removed.  By posting the Postscript on 3 April we believe that we have been fair to both parties. This is what Pick ‘n Pay wrote: ‘ Good day Mr. (sic) von Ulmenstein. We have noted that the “Sour Award posted for Pick n Pay by Mr. Ashil Maharaj is still visible on your website. Mr. Maharaj sent you a mail on 3 April 2013 to retract his statement against Pick n Pay and its employees so we assume the entire post would be removed from your website.  We would like to have this post removed completely please. The accusations made were false and even though there is a post stating that this matter has been resolved it still leaves a bad impression towards Pick n Pay.  The allegations made by Mr Maharaj in his post were not true and unjustifiably defames Pick n Pay.  The claims of racial attacks are not at all true and was simply a way for Mr. Maharaj to elevate his personal complaints, unrelated to Pick n Pay, to Mr Jonathan Ackerman. The blog also mentions our store manager, who has a place in the community and sheds very dim light with regards to racial claims that are not true. Pick n Pay has never and will never practice any form of discrimination and we take matters such as this very seriously.  Pick n Pay in future would also appreciate the opportunity to respond to complaints before they are posted onto your site as there are often more sides to a story than just the version you initially receive.  Please let us know once you have removed this post from your site and we look forward to working with you in the best interest of our customers and service delivery.  Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Mary – Anne Hattingh, Pick n Pay, National customer service manager ‘.

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