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Myoga restaurant creates a magic lunch!

imageMyoga restaurant has recently appointed Manley Communications as its PR company. At a Media lunch yesterday, Chef and owner Mike Bassett told us that it was the first media event in seven years.image

Chef Mike has been at Myoga for eight years, having opened the restaurant after leaving Ginja, at which he worked with a number of younger chefs who have Continue reading →

KwikSpar Sweet Service and Concept101 Sour Service Awards!

KwikSpar Green PointThe Sweet Service Award goes to KwikSpar next to Ultra Liquors in Green Point, and its manager Marius de Beer.  For a while I have received less than satisfactory service at this outlet, yet I have returned due to its convenient location and ease of parking. Unfortunately I tend to go there in the afternoons or evening, when Marius is not on duty (he does mornings). After a really bad incident, I called him and shared my experience, and told him that it is a recurring problem.  Marius asked me to e-mail the details, and promised to speak to the duty manager concerned and to send him on a customer care course.  When I next went to the store, the Continue reading →

Eso Sweet Service and Myoga Sour Service Awards!

Eso Juice Bar Cape QuarterThe Sweet Service Award goes to Eso juice bar in the Cape Quarter, and its owner Ahmed for his service recovery.  I had ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice, costing R30.  I asked for a serviette, but was told by the two staff members that they had run out of them, and had been out of stock for a number of days.  I felt that the owner should know, but the staff initially refused to provide his details.  The more senior of the two staff ignored my questions, just walking away from me.  The owner was Continue reading →