Eso Sweet Service and Myoga Sour Service Awards!


Eso Juice Bar Cape QuarterThe Sweet Service Award goes to Eso juice bar in the Cape Quarter, and its owner Ahmed for his service recovery.  I had ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice, costing R30.  I asked for a serviette, but was told by the two staff members that they had run out of them, and had been out of stock for a number of days.  I felt that the owner should know, but the staff initially refused to provide his details.  The more senior of the two staff ignored my questions, just walking away from me.  The owner was shocked when I told him what had happened, and asked me where I was heading.  He immediately sent one of the two staff with R30 cash, as well as a voucher, to Palladium, where I was, as a make-good for the poor service.

MyogaThe Sour Service Award goes to Myoga, which has appointed a most irritating Social Media person, who believes that 20 Tweets per hour or more, every minute or so, is what will send droves of patrons to the restaurant.  However, the bulk of the Tweets are inane conversations with other Tweeters, completely unrelated to the restaurant, and it was irritating that he was involving himself in my Twitter conversations too. I called owner Mike Bassett, leaving a request for him to call me about his Twitter account, as it was clear that he had no clue as to what was being put out in his restaurant’s name.  His accountant called me back immediately, asking me to send the invoice again, a lost in translation moment!  Mike did call back, and seemed disinterested in the feedback, clearly not getting Twitter at all.  He should see the movie ‘Chef!

POSTSCRIPT 19/8:  It is surprising that Myoga would allow its Social Media company Concept101, with MD Grant Fourie, to disparage this blog and ourselves via comments below, on Twitter, as well as telephonically, in anger for receiving the Sour Service Award!  The comments from him that we have allowed, out of the eight that we received from him, the balance having been deleted for their defamatory nature, can be seen in the Comments section to this blogpost.

The WhaleTales Sweet & Sour Service Awards are presented every Friday on the WhaleTales blog.  Nominations for the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be sent to Chris von Ulmenstein at   Past winners of the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be read on the Friday posts of this blog, and in the WhaleTales newsletters on the website.

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9 replies on “Eso Sweet Service and Myoga Sour Service Awards!”

  1. Chris, surely the point of Twitter is that you can use it any way you want you. You cannot prescribe what they must post. Just vote with your feet and unfollow them – simple

    • I agree in principle Anton.

      That’s why I called Myoga owner/Chef Mike Bassett, to not only stop them damaging their brand, but also to stop their Tweeter from getting involved in my Twitter conversations which are unrelated to Myoga or restaurants in general.

      I didn’t want to Unfollow Myoga, so as to stay up to date with their restaurant news, but there is very little of that in the tsunami of Tweets!

      • Hi Chris. Grant here from Concept101. It’s my company that you lambasted for no apparent reason. If you follow my client you will see daily content RE the restaurant in themed Tweets with beautiful imagery. Social media is a chance to connect and chat to all followers and fans. That is the point. You do not own the Twittersphere and your arrogance in not wanting people to get involved in your conversation indicates your lack of understanding of the platform. Especially to a fellow South African who has been promoting Whale Cottage in Tweets. If you want private conversations, Skype works very well. To say I am disgusted at your attitude is an understatement. Total ‘anti-social’ behaviour. Who died and made you Twitter queen? BTW here is a Tweet sent on the same day as your shocking behaviour. Perhaps I should start Tweeting about the properties terrible reviews? Not to worry. My company has respect for others, regardless of how rude and disparaging they are. If you have a problem, call me. It’s the respectful thing to do. 074 137 3941.

        Grant Fourie

        • I have allowed your comment Grant, despite its disparagement. Why send three comments when one can do?

          Let’s start with Sonia Cobano from @LusciousCT – her abuse of ourselves on this Blog via her comments as well as on Fake abuse Twitter accounts is well documented on this Blog. She saw the Sour Award to Myoga (not to you nor your company!). She was being vindictive to me – I can see that Myoga and she have never had any Twitter interaction other than the one of last Friday, so her Tweet was purely written as another dig at ourselves, so I wouldn’t get too excited!

          You must clearly be a novice at Social Media, to think that 1000 Tweets per hour would not be annoying to Myoga’s followers.

          I called Myoga owner Mike Bassett, as you will have read in my Sour Award. I said what I had to say, and he promised to speak to you, It’s not my job to speak to you directly, and he did not mention your name nor company name. I have left him a message now about your abuse and disparagement, which is unlawful, and note your Twitter tirade of abuse as we ‘speak’, accusing me of deleting your comments! I have forearded your Comment and abusive Tweets.

          I do have a day job, and it does take time to write a reply such as this one! I am sure you will delete the accusations once you have seen my reply and that the comment has been allowed, in the interest of professionalism.

          I do not promote Whale Cottage in my Tweets – you clearly have not read them, as we do not Follow each other!

          I do not claim to own the Twitterverse. But let me correct you on the number of followers – not 1 as you claim, but 26000 plus.

          PS Sonia Cobana cancels every restaurant booking she makes via Twitter, so I wouldn’t get too excited about that either!

          PPS. You are fast on track for a Sour Service Award for your company Concept 101! Watch this space.

  2. Seems my attempts to connect are being deleted by your moderator. Not much of a discussion then is it? You have my number. Call me to discuss. I expect an apology and for this disgusting blog post to be deleted. Your anti-social behaviour and arrogance indicates your lack of understanding of the Twittersphere. Incredibly disappointing. To the *moderator*. Have some courage and post this. Let’s open up the discussion.

    • My goodness, you are angry and childish Grant!

      I am the moderator of my blog comments, and will not allow any further abuse from you. I want my readers and your client to see what an abusive and unprofessional Social media ‘practitioner’ you are.

      I expect an apology from you. I have nothing further to say.

  3. Grant, I note your further abusive and defamatory comment, which I will not allow and have deleted.

    I acknowledge your 2 calls, but I will not allow you to disparage me telephonically either.

    Perhaps you have clients’ work to do (maybe 1000 Myoga Tweets?), rather than harass me?

    • Perhaps if you post my comments your readers will see that I am neither being abusive or defamatory and you are in fact hiding behind your social profile after some seriously disgusting comments and behaviour. I have tried to connect in a courteous manner, again as explained in all the replies that you have deleted so as to build a one sided story for your readers and further trash my name. Let’s see if you let this comment through. I doubt it.

      • Please read my replies to you in this stream, and PLEASE stop sending any further comments.

        Our policy is very clear – we do not post any abusive comments! You are being dishonest by writing that your other Comments are not abusive and disparaging!

        This topic is now closed.

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