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‘Soul sisters’ Cape Town and Berlin sign cooperative tourism marketing agreement!


Cape Town Tourism and visitBerlin signed a cooperative tourism marketing agreement in Frankfurt yesterday, reports KapExpress.

Both cities have agreed to support each other in their city tourism marketing. This is planned to take place through exchanging knowledge, doing joint PR and Social Media campaigns, and to build joint media databases. A staff exchange scheme is also planned. Continue reading →

CNN puts in a good word for South Africa in the Corona Virus pandemic!


A video of a CNN news broadcast did the rounds in our country last week, a small ray of light in a negative association with ‘South Africa’.

The South African Corona Virus mutation has created very poor PR for our country, as it is one of the mutations that spreads faster, and has created a travel ban from our country to a host of other countries around the world. Continue reading →

Will it be matchpoint for Federer in Cape Town Federer – Nadal Charity tennis match on 7 February 2020, with his SA roots?


Other than the 2010 World Cup, there can be no greater sport event in our city than the Charity Tennis match between two tennis icons Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, to be held at Cape Town Stadium on Friday 7 February 2020 at 20h00. The tourism and PR benefits for Cape Town are massive, enhanced by the fact that Roger Federer has never played on African soil, despite his South African roots! Trevor Noah and Bill Gates will feature on the tennis court as well, adding extra international attention to the  event. The event is expected to raise more than $1 million.  Continue reading →

The visit by Royal Family Sussex will put Cape Town and South Africa on the map from 23 September!

Today in a week the eyes of the world will be on Cape Town and our country, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex land in Cape Town on the first day of their ten day ‘African’ tour with their baby son Archie. There is no better PR for our city and country after the black week at the beginning of this month. Continue reading →