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Water Day Zero brought forward by nine days, to 12 April 2018!

For the first time Cape Town Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson has issued a statement about the City of Cape Town’s dire water shortage situation, after taking over the responsibility for the water situation for the city, as well as its communication. Current Mayor Patricia de Lille has been suspended from all water-related issues and its communication! Sadly the Deputy Mayor has announced that water-saving measures are not meeting targets, and therefore Day Zero has been brought forward by nine days to 12 April, from 21 April previously!  Continue reading →

Exciting new Haute Cabriere restaurant partnership, more changes planned!

imageOn Saturday I tried some new dishes which have been introduced to the menu at Haute Cabriere, reflecting the creativity of the Chef partnership of Nic van Wyk and Westley Muller with the winery, which began on 1 November.  I was invited by Manley Communications. The new Summer Menu of the restaurant commences today. Continue reading →

Stellenbosch Municipality Sweet Service and ABSA Franschhoek Sour Service Awards

Stellenbosch Municipality logoThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Stellenbosch Municipality, and its new Free Wifi service in Franschhoek.  While it is not sure how far its reach is, it was a pleasant surprise in getting something back from the municipality.  One suspects that the core router is in the municipal offices next to the Town Hall.

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Bastille Festival Sweet Service and Stellenbosch Municipality Sour Service Awards!

Bastille Marquee inside Whale CottageThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Franschhoek Wine Valley and DnA Event Management, for a superb organisation of the Bastille Festival two weekends ago.  The perfect weather, the new massive marquee, and new location next to the Huguenot Monument met with great acclaim from visitors as well as participating visitors, and even the shop owners and restaurateurs on the main road were happy, despite their initial reservations about the marquee moving out of the centre of the village.  The only complaint from some visitors was the many drunk revellers crossing the main road without concern for motorists.   A heavy presence of Stellenbosch Traffic police on Saturday helped to keep some of the problems under control. Continue reading →