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Serial ‘cook or crook’ Chef Conrad Gallagher pulls a meaty payment scam and scandal!


It wasn’t more than a month ago that the opening of Chef Conrad Gallagher newest restaurant Bistro Vin De Boeuf in St Francis Bay attracted attention, focusing on meat and wine according to its name.

Now Wagyu meat is at the centre of another Gallagher scam to hit the proverbial fan, according to a News24 story entitled ‘Cook or crook? The celebrity chef from Gqeberha, the Saudi crown prince and R500000 Wagyu steaks’! Continue reading →

Cribbing Restaurant lists is not cool, is plagiarism, and is unprofessional!


Twice in the past month a section of one of two of my Blogposts, being lists of Restaurant Closures and Reopened Sit-Down Restaurants, has been cribbed and shared without permission or credit to this Blog as the source. While this is extremely flattering to me as the owner and editor of the Blog, it is downright illegal, constituting plagiarism, and is downright unprofessional! Continue reading →