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Sweet Service Award goes to EnMasse; Sour Service Award goes to Ink Cartel Tattoos!


The Sweet Service Award goes to EnMasse in the Garden Centre, and its staff member Lloyd. Rose and Hans-Werner Klein and I had a sit-down tea there, which was served in a paper cup. I asked for a tea spoon to remove the tea bag from my cup, and was given a plastic fork! Lloyd was very apologetic, and comped the teas, knowing that he had been forced to offer sub-standard service by his employers. I posted a message to EnMasse on Instagram, and the brand owner replied that all sit-down customers should have their tea served in double-glass tea cups. Well done Lloyd!  Continue reading →

Sweet and Sour Service Awards goes to Discovery Insure!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Discovery Insure and its call centre agent Nomfundo for her professional dealing with my call earlier this week, for being honest in acknowledging that the company has a system problem in that one is not being rewarded for good driving or for zero driving on its App. She also organised that I receive four Discovery Gameboard plays for the month of May, which should have been available next week, but were made available on Wednesday this week already, a day after the call! Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Sea Point Dental Studio; Sour Service Award goes to Nu-Line Lifts !


The Sweet Service Award goes to Sea Point Dental Studio, for its excellent service in making two dental appointments to attend to a crown which had come loose, and which needed gel impressions for a replacement crown. Despite being a brand new client, I was accommodated within 24 hours for each of my appointments. Continue reading →