ABSA Sea Point Sweet Service, ABSA Santyger Sour Service Awards!


imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to ABSA Sea Point, and its Relationship Manager Yusriah Khan, for faxing me my February business bank statement, as I had not received it in the post yet, and needed it to complete my VAT return for the accountants before the Easter long weekend. No questions were asked other than the bank account number, in stark contrast to the performance I had to go through with the Santyger branch.



The Sour Service Award goes to ABSA Santyger, my usual branch, which I have been dealing with for years. My Relationship Manager was on leave between Human Rights Day and Easter, so Leon Stander answered my call, when I stood in an endlessly long queue at the Garden Centre branch of the bank to obtain a bank statement for February, not having received it yet. Leon took my bank account details and promised to send the statement. I was surprised to receive a call from the Sea Point branch, returning my call, but I had not called them! I called Leon back, and he told me that he had left the message with my details with the Sea Point branch (without letting me know), telling me that I am officially with the Sea Point branch and that they have to do the statement as he cannot verify who I am. He then told me to email my request, which I refused, as I would not like the bank to receive emailed instructions and act on them, which could be fraudulent!  Not even his manager could allow the bank statement to be faxed to me! One wonders how two different branches of ABSA can have such different service standards!

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