Corona Lockdown Tourist Guiding regulations gazetted by the Government!



At the beginning of June I announced the launch of my new Tourist Guiding Service, called My Cape Town Guide/Mein Kapstadt Guide. Last week I was allowed to collect my Tourist Guide Registration Card from the Western Cape Department of Economic Affairs and Tourism, a process that took two months, making me a duly registered Tourist Guide for the next three years.

‘My Cape Town Guide/Mein Kapstadt Guide’ launched, after qualifying as a Tourist Guide during Lockdown!

At the beginning of Level 3 in June, Tourist Guides were officially allowed to work again according to Government regulations, sadly there being no international tourists, and a handful of local tourists visiting our city. Only last week the Minister of Tourism allowed intra-provincial travel, attracting some local tourists to our city. And late last week Covid Lockdown regulations were gazetted for Tourist Guides, summarised as follows by Business Tech:

The regulations state that a person conducting a tour must keep a record of the full names, identity number or passport number and cellphone numbers of the people taking part in the guided tour.

The person giving the guided tour must also:

  • Not allow a person to the tour if that person is not wearing a cloth mask, or homemade item that covers the nose and mouth or another appropriate item to cover the nose and mouth;
  • Ensure that every person involved in the tour wears a mask at all times except when eating or drinking;
  • Sanitise persons involved in the tour before they enter a tour vehicle, rail or boat;
  • Ensure that during guided activities that require walking, a social distance of one and a half metres is maintained at all times among persons involved in the tour;
  • Ensure that the loading capacity of guided tour vehicles and other modes of public transport complies with the directions issued by the minister of transport’.


When the borders will be opened for inter-provincial and International Travel is not known, but a number of travel scenarios have been developed by South African Tourism, some as optimistic as this month, and as pessimistic as next winter 2021.

International Travel: when will South African skies reopen? Low Road and High Road scenarios

I cannot wait to show visitors to Cape Town our beautiful city again.


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