Country Road Sweet Service Award; Cape Town Traffic Department Sour Service Award!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Country Road’s Regional Manager Trevone, who came to my rescue when I reported the shocking service I received at the Country Road V & A Waterfront branch, from its store manager Zoelva Brewer. I had arrived at the store just after its opening at 9h00 last week, and put down a top from the Country Road section at the Trenery counter, wandering off to look at a cardigan close by. When I returned to the counter, the top was still lying there despite a staff member standing behind the counter. No other staff member was present, other than two chattering security staff at the opposite end of the store, squeezing the pimples on their face at the mirror! The staff member was standing with a can of Mr Min in her hand, and said that she couldn’t do the purchase, as she is a trainee. I had to ask three passing staff to call the manager. Zoelva arrived on the attack, told me ten times that the lady behind the counter was a trainee, every time I questioned why there was no one to take my payment. She was exceptionally rude, blaming me for making the trainee cry, threatening to not allow me to purchase at the store again, all the time while a staff member was taking my payment via credit card. To add insult to injury, colleague Rahzeen Kemp started bullying and threatening me as well. It later emerged that he is the Manager of the Country Road branch inside Woolworths in the Waterfront.  I should have left the items on the counter and walked out, but I really wanted both. Trevone was sympathetic when I called him, and promised to get back to me that day, and he kept the promise. He assured me that an incident of this nature would not happen again. 

The Sour Service Award goes to the Cape Town Traffic Department, for its pathetic service in getting a driver’s license replaced, which was stolen at the end of December. I received a temporary driver’s licence after presenting proof of residence early in January. I was told that it would take eight weeks to replace, and that I would be contacted. Not having heard from the Traffic Department after more than four months, I went to the Traffic Department with my temporary driver’s license. The license card had arrived and was in the file, but could not be given to me as the proof of residence had not been entered into the system, and hence had not been verified. I also had to bring my ID book along! This meant that I had to send a new proof of residence (it is only valid for three months), and had to go back the next day to fetch the driver’s license with my ID book in hand! Sheer incompetence! I must compliment the clerk Sfiso Mkhize, who was kind and efficient, sensing my frustration, and made my second visit a speedy one. 

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