Heritage Western Cape Sweet Service and Clicks Sour Service Awards!


Winchester mansionsThe Sweet Service Award goes to Heritage Western Cape, for turning down an application to demolish the Winchester Mansions, an iconic 90-year old hotel on Beach Road in Sea Point. The developers wanted to rebuild a new hotel on the site, and upgrade it to a 5-star hotel. I personally have an emotional link to the hotel, having spent the first year of my life in it when it still was a block of flats, after immigrating with my parents from Germany, and also getting engaged there for nostalgic reasons many years later.


ClicksThe Sour Service Award goes to Clicks on Regent Road in Sea Point and its manager Fatima Samsodien. I went on a shopping spree and struggled to transfer money to my credit card via my phone inside the shop. I was told that they have wifi, but when I asked the manager for the password, she told me that they use that of the Amalfi apartments or even the wifi of Jarryd’s next door! Both of these require passwords, which she did not know! I told her I was going to Jarryd’s for breakfast, would use their wifi, and  return to pay and collect my goods afterwards.  I was chased by the manager telephonically, asking when I was coming, despite it still being another 90 minutes to their closing time. All my purchases had to be rung up again, which resulted in a comedy of errors, despite the manager being present: a toiletry bag was R10 more expensive at the till than on the shelf!  The previous assistant had told me that Dove shampoo was two for the price of one, and had a second one brought to the till – when I returned the offer had changed to three for the price of two! All the errors were a waste of time.  The only positive was the cashier, who told me that I had a credit on my Clicks card based on previous purchases, and offered to deduct it from the total, which the first cashier had not seen nor offered! The manager became rude and clearly was embarrassed by all the errors, she herself not being on top of the special price offers, having to look them up in a brochure lying at the till!  I Tweeted a warning about the price difference on the same day, which led to Fatima calling to apologise two days later, having received feedback from the Clicks Head Office.

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