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Bo-Kaap Street Festival sadly a disappointment!


Had I with my friend Ute Hermanus and German Tourist Gloria not been so keen to experience the Street Festival in Bo-Kaap, we would have turned around when we passed three local ladies coming from the Festival, telling us that there was barely any Cape Malay food available, hot dogs mainly offered.

We were surprised that parking was so readily available and that there was no traffic blockage at all. That should have been a further warning.

The Street Festival is one of a series which have seen various Cape Town streets in various suburbs closed off, and the community coming together to enjoy the food of the restaurants in the area, and entertained by musical entertainment. Continue reading →

Sea Point Restaurants and Residents go out onto the street on Freedom Day!


Freedom Day is celebrated today with Restaurants on Regent Road going out onto the street, bringing their cuisine and beverages outside on a perfect weather day

An initiative of the City of Cape Town to get Capetonians back to the city, it follows similar previous events organised by the City on Bree Street and Long Street.

My friend Gary Peterson joined me on a walk along Regent Road, from Piazza da Luz up to Church Road, and back.  It was a wonderful opportunity to window shop, to shop for food as well as for clothing and other items sold by shopkeepers on the Festival strip.

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Sweet Service Award goes to Wash World Laundrette; Sour Service Award goes to De Grendel!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the Wash World Laundrette in Sea Point, and its owner Lessa. I have been using the Laundrette for many years, running in to drop off my laundry, not even writing up the laundry items any more, having so much trust in the staff and its owner. At R100 a bag for my bed linen it is a bargain. Receiving the washed and folded linen back in 24 hours is a further plus.  Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Sandak Lewin; Sour Service Award goes to Clicks Sea Point!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Sandak Lewin, and its Portfolio Manager Vanessa Sillifant, for the fantastic service she is offering us as Trustees at EbbTide in Camps Bay. After two disastrous years of dealing with her predecessor Greg Anderson, who was inefficient, biased towards the other Trustees,  and grossly unprofessional, Vanessa was appointed to take over and has been a breath of fresh air.  She visited our building within three weeks of taking over our building, something Anderson had refused to do in his two years of dealing with our building! In the past three months she has efficiently assisted us in getting eleven maintenance projects done and dusted, and prevented an excessive R1 million Maintenance project from being implemented, which would have resulted in an exorbitant Special Levy! She is a no-nonsense person, fair, and decisive, and has created greater harmony amongst the four Trustees of our building in getting maintenance jobs done and decisions made, an amazing feat! The next project will be to tackle the Noise Disturbance issues…….! Continue reading →