Koekedoor Season 2 episode 5: Market Day – preparing home-made pies, tarts, and gourmet doughnuts!


imageEpisode 5 of Season 2 of Koekedoor on Thursday evening focused on the theme of Market Day, and focused on home-made pies, citrus and lemon tarts, and gourmet doughnuts. 

The Market Day episode was inspired by Koekedoor judge Elizabeth Cloete’s vegetable farmer father, who took his produce to the closest market town. Then a necessity, now markets are a growing trend, where one can buy not only vegetables and fruit, but also prepared foods such as special home-made pies, tarts, and doughnuts. Previously bought at bazaars, they are now more likely to be bought at markets.

  1.  Tuisgebak/ Home bake

Making 12 real home-made pies was the first challenge, as opposed to garage pies, despised by most of the contestants, judging by their facial expressions alone! Wessels joked in saying that one would need a whole pack of Rennies if one eats one of those.  The contestants were given 2½ hours to prepare this challenge, and were told that they have to make their own puff pastry, and to fill the pies with meat or vegetable fillings.

Wessels made mince and chicken pies;  Kanya said that she always loved eating imagechicken and mushroom pies with sago, so she made chicken pies, a very popular pie and big South African pie tradition, to which she added exotic mushrooms and the spice mace (photograph); Tara wanted to make round pies, but decided to make ones that folded over, making savoury mince pies using a quick method for puff pastry; and Wilandi used the ‘foolproof‘ recipe of Christine Carpendale, from her recipe book ‘Baking for Pleasure or Profit‘, making retro style chicken pies, a cross between the traditional pie and chicken a la king, baking the pies in muffin pans with a puff pastry dough lid;

Corli filled her pies with Bobotie, telling viewers that her grandmother had taught her to sieve flour 7 times to make any pastry perfect; and Sanet made biltong and onion pies, as well as salmon and leek pies. The baking studio was quiet while contestants concentrated on completing the first challenge. Tara checked the oven, hoping her pies are brown and cooked through. She was disappointed when she realized that they had not baked enough. Corli’s Bobotie filling was also not cooked through. Wessels was praised by the judges for his pies with two types of fillings – savoury mince with thyme as well as a chicken pie. His meat pies were inspired by the mining communities in Devon and Cornwall, Wessels having lived in the UK for a long time.  Anja also made delicious pies, moving away from meat with her butternut, feta and onion marmalade pies, and presented them in an attractive way with little paper ties, suitable for vegetarians to eat, the judges pointed out. Suretha was the only one to make her pies in a galette (flat/freeform) shape, having made chicken pies using a sodawater puff pastry.

2.   Fyngebak/Advanced Technique Challenge

imageJudge Mari-Louis is a master baker, and surprises each week with her beautiful cakes for the Fyngebak challenges. She had prepared an orange citrus tart (Tarte de agrumes) as well as a lemon tart, being beautiful, sunny and zesty. The lemon tart had candy striped cream kisses (the filling only sets once it cools), while the other was a citrus tart, with glazed orange slices, made with an easy cookie crumb crust.

Once again the contestants were given the recipes for the two tarts, but they were not shown what they should look like. They were given 2½ hours in which to prepare the two tarts.

Sanet said that it was a strange recipe, but the method of preparation seemed familiar. Suretha tried to hide from the judges when they all three came to her work station. She had to admit that she is too slow. Tara heated her oranges so that she could juice them more quickly. Corli’s base pastry burnt at the edges, and her filling had split. Most of the contestants seemed too slow, not finishing their tarts on time. Those not trusting the recipes baked the tarts for too long, preventing them from setting. Being so hot still, the piped cream kisses melted. This was a challenge some would rather forget.  Tara’s tarts had not set. Wessels tart had split. Kanya was praised for the beautiful edging of her pie crust. Suretha’s tart was close to liquid. imageSanet’s tarts were praised.

3.   Pronkgebak/ Flaunt It Challenge

The episode was introduced as a rainy day one. The third challenge was to make gourmet doughnuts, and the doughnut king Chef Jason Gellatly was referred to by the judges, having worked at St John’s restaurant when it received its first Michelin star, and Chef Jason has become well-known as a doughnut maker.

Each contestant had to make 24 doughnuts, but with a modern touch, in their icing as well as flavored sugar coverings. They were shown a selection of gourmet doughnuts by the judges (right).

Suretha used too much flour in making her doughnuts. She heard the falling rain, and wished she could eat a doughnut and sit in front of a fireplace.

Wilandi impressed with her ‘oliebol’ (Dutch) stack, with the flavours of apple, cinnamon, caramel and ginger.  She had tried to seal imageher doughnuts to prevent them from bursting open when cooked in oil, but she did not succeed.   She was happy when Judge Mari-Louis told her that it was the trend to see doughnuts with cracks (photograph on the right).  Sanet said she had never imagemade doughnuts before,  but very adventurously made a banana and scorched vanilla filling and chocolate honey glaze, presenting the doughnuts in a chess board stack. Anja decided to keep her doughnuts as small round balls, using coconut and lemon as her flavourings.

Tara also mentioned the rain, and how suitable the weather was to eat doughnuts.  She went for a fruit and cheesecake filling for her doughnuts. Corli put a blanket over her dough, for it to rise. She made very pretty, girly pink and white doughnuts decorated with pink and white flowers, stripes, and hearts.

Kanya excelled, getting inspiration for her techniques and recipe from the world-famous Bouchon Bakery of Thomas Keller. She was very inventive, making burnt honey (by design), and oven-baked white chocolate. The sprinkles, sugars, and fillings also included hazelnut praline, pistachio and cardamom sugar for dipping, and rose syrup.

Wessels was creative in filling his doughnuts with imagea Stollen (German Christmas cake made with marzipan and Brandy), as well as fire ball sweets and ‘souskluitjies‘ – photograph on the right. Suretha made a chocolate peppermint crisp filling for her doughnuts, and rolled them in a sugar coating of coconut and lemon zest.

imageThe eight finalists sat outside in the rain while the judges deliberated about who did best and least well, and which contestant would be sent home. Suretha told the other contestants that she would be sent home. She was correct, and told the other contestants that she is not creative enough in baking, and that she was leaving the rest of the competition to the ‘jong klomp‘.  The other two contestants that made the bottom three were Corli as well as Tara.

Kanya won the challenges of the episode, and was praised for having her technique equal her creativity. Sanet as well as Anja, praised for her ability to make a plan in adversity, were the other top three contestants of this episode.

Note: Koekedoor judge Mari-Louis Guy has written a book ‘MARKdag‘ with Callie Maritz, described as ‘Alles en nog wat vir enige mark’.  Each contestant received a copy of the book.

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