Restaurant Review: Between us…. Between Us serves the best scrambled eggs!


It was at a chance meeting with Jamie Friedberg at sans in Sea Point a week ago, that she told me about their new restaurant, that led me to Between Us on Bree Street on Friday. It serves the best scrambled eggs I have ever tasted, has a quirky interior, and a beautiful setting, looking onto Table Mountain from its deck. The restaurant opened three months ago.

I was actually heading to the new Victoire on Church Square, and as parking is scarce there, I parked on Upper Church Street, challenging myself to a walk. I discovered that I had parked behind Between Us, the redecorated building previously used by Silvercraft for many years. It is a generous space, with the coffee bar counter on one end, and the open kitchen on the other end. Restaurant tables are spread out in-between, not too many, meaning that one has ample space for privacy if so desired. 

An internet fail at my apartment block, and a power failure at my two usual coffee spots in Tamboerskloof, meant that I had to complete a Blogpost at Between Us, using its WiFi effortlessly, before enjoying the restaurant. 

Twins Jamie and Jessie Friedberg previously owned Skinny Legs & All That on Loop Street, and clearly love quirky names. After more than three years, they sold the business, and tried various options, butlering for a family locally and in Germany, and doing catering, before they realised that they were ‘unemployable’, and wanted to return to restauranting.

Restaurant Review: Nothing skinny about Skinny Legs & All, except owners!

The twins had seen the Silvercraft building, and approached the owner. The rest is history, as they say in the classics, and the space was opened up, with beautiful walls exposed. Flooring is a grey screed. On beautiful summer days the outside terrace with a view will be very popular. Circular lights are unique, as are the vases with a variety of flowers (including a daffodil) on each wooden table, with moulded seat wooden chairs. The building is a heritage site. Staff wear jeans and grey shirts.

No artwork is on the walls, but one framed photograph is of the Friedberg family, the parents, twins, and a cousin. Jamie told me that their parents have since moved to the Cape, living in Napier, to be closer to their children. The family closeness is evident, and the twins are inseparable.

I asked Jamie what is different about Between Us compared to Skinny Legs and All That. She said that they have much more space now, and that they will offer an evening bar service once they receive their liquor license. 

Since I have focused on losing weight and on my figure, I have eaten a lot of scrambled eggs. It was beautifully presented firstly, in a circular look and served in a bowl, topped with chives (R65). It was creamy but not too moist. Jamie told me that their magic touch is using an omelet batter and adding a little cream to it.  Standard with it is two rolls, one a rye with pecan nuts and Hanepoot raisins, and the other a rosemary roll with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, accompanied by thyme lemon butter. I had ordered avocado on the side (R15), served on the bread plate too. My first dry cappuccino was incorrectly made, but was followed with a perfect one when Jamie guided the making of it. 

Jamie told me that they have selected the best food suppliers, including Frankie Fenner for meats, Wild Peacock for a range of products, home-grown eggs come from Durbanville, the yoghurt and cream from Darling, and Chalmer beef from Gauteng. 

The menu is divided in Grains (milk and cereals, granola with fresh fruit and grapefruit curd, porridge, and Bertie’s polenta pancake), Egg dishes (Persian herb frittata, scrambled, muddled), Ploughman’s Plates (cheese and charcuterie, or cheese, fruit, and nut butter, to be shared), and baked (scones with jam and double-clotted cream, or rum banana bread with brown butter).

I will certainly be back at Between Us, with easy parking close by, the lovely scrambled eggs, friendly hands-on owners, reasonable prices, the quality of the ingredients sourced, and the other interesting-sounding dishes to try. 

POSTSCRIPT 8/9 I was in town this morning, and could not resist popping in at Between Us, impressively nearly full during my hour there, with a steady flow of clientele. I managed to do better interior shots, and photograph the twin sister owners Jessie and Jamie. I ordered the scone with fig and Rooibos jam, and clotted cream, but the dish did not excite me, looking ordinary compared to the unusualness of the scrambled egg I had on my previous visit. The cream and jam appeared to be filled in containers in a messy manner. Waiter Matthew brought the scone and coffee to the table, and came across as rude and non-communicative to me, feedback which I passed on. I had wanted to sit on the terrace, but there was a chilly bite in the air. 

Between Us, 176 Bree Street, Cape Town. Tel 021 823-8695. Instagram:@betweenus.ct  Monday – Saturday 8h00 – 16h00.

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