Restaurant Review: Four Van Loveren cousins dominate Four Cousins restaurant in Robertson!


Whilst I spent a week in McGregor earlier this month, I visited Robertson for part of a day, shopping with friends, but also enjoying lunch at the recently opened Four Cousins restaurant owned by Van Loveren, at the entrance to the town on the Worcester side. I was impressed with the quality of the food and vast selection of dishes offered on the menu.

Parking is available in front and behind the building, in a cul de sac. At the entrance to the building is a creative cut-out of the four cousins, and is an unusual photograph background. Father and son Graham and Simon Goble added to my photograph in standing at the striking artwork. As one enters the building the wine shop is on the left, selling Van Loveren wines. We had previously visited the Robertson Wine Route, but had not stopped at Van Loveren outside the town, and hence I had minimal knowledge of the Wine estate. In the shop they sell the following Van Loveren wines: Four Cousins range (Natural Sweet White, Dry White, Sweet Rosé, Dry Red, Natural Sweet Red, Blush sparkling wine, Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling White), Scottish Cousin blended whisky (5, 8, and 12 year old), Strawberry-flavored cream liqueur, and Marula-flavored cream liqueur.

In the Four Cousins building designed by Kruger Theron Architects they also have a brewery, making Boer Beer, which is also sold in the wine shop. Bathrooms are modern and clean, easy to find along the way to the restaurant, which is divided into two separate spaces. There is no ceiling as such, the pitched roofs in the two restaurant sections attracting attention. In front of the first restaurant section is an unusual design feature. We chose to sit in the second section, overlooking a children’s play area, and next to a large fireplace, which will be an attractive feature in winter. The restaurant sections look even larger with the large amount of glass which has been used in the building design. Tables are large, and can be shared by larger groups, or with other diners. The restaurant sections seat about a hundred diners each, in my estimation.

A reflection of the professionalism of the Four Cousins restaurant is the design of the menu, the most mouthwatering I have seen. It has a black background, is clearly divided into sections such as starters, flatbreads, salads, pizzas, burgers, steaks & grill, with gourmet sauces and side dishes, Chef’s Choice (mainly steaks, offered in six styles of preparation, with beer battered fish too), poultry, fish, vegetarian, desserts, and a cheese platter. Each page is illustrated with the ingredients of some of the dishes on that page, making it the most appetite-pleasing menu I have ever seen. It made choosing a dish even more difficult. 

I ordered the beer battered hake, nicely presented on a slate plate, with the hake cut into triangles and presented in a stack, with a tomato smear, lemon, as well as tartar sauce (R125). It was so much fish that I could only eat one triangle, and took the other two with me as a take-away (R125). Graham ordered the Forestier pizza, with salami, black mushrooms, feta, garlic, and green pepper (R90).  Simon’s Salmone pizza with avocado, smoked salmon, crème fraiche, rocket, and cracked black pepper received an overwhelming response when I posted a photograph of it on Instagram (R95). I tried a corner of a slice of each of the two pizzas, which were declared to be delicious, and which Graham and Simon also could not finish, and took home as take-aways. 

When we asked for the bill, waitress Mignon brought a bottle of Van Loveren Red Muscadel 2015, in lieu of mints, a clever and unusual touch.

We had two waitresses serving us and they were eager to please. Whilst I was deciding on what to order, I asked questions about a salad and a vegetable accompaniment to a dish, and they did not know the ingredients of these, but went to find out from the kitchen and reported back to us. The value for money, and the modernity of the restaurant in Robertson, was unexpected. But it was the quality of the menu design that impressed me the most, which was carried through into the food presentation, and ultimately into the food quality itself. 

Four Cousins, 54 Voortrekker Avenue, Robertson. Tel (023) 615-1505. Twitter: @4cousinswine Instagram: @four_cousins  Monday – Saturday 11h00 – 22h00, Sunday 11h00 – 17h00.

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