Sweet Service Award goes to Haus & Laib Deli;Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Haus & Laib Deli and its co-owner Cheryl Hauslaib, in organising gammon for us on Christmas Eve when they themselves had sold out of it. She called her previous employer Hartlief in Garden’s Centre, and arranged for us to get some slices kept for us until we arrived there. She also has Carrot Salad freshly made for me, when they are out of stock. 


The Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin and its MD Carl Smit. He does not usually get involved in our day to day issues, but did so when I and another Trustee questioned a 10% fee increase, more than double the rate of inflation, effective from today, with two days notice! I went back to the Agreement between our apartment block and the managing agent company, and noticed that the company is in breach of a number of aspects of it. The first clause they breached was to inform us of the fee increase, instead of fee changes to be ‘mutually agreed’ between both parties, according to the Agreement. When I pointed this out plus other shortcomings in the service offered, also in breach of the agreement, Smit climbed into the conversation, told me that he was ‘sick’ of the back and forth on this discussion, and then refused to get further involved, when I mentioned the breach. I asked him why he does not request feedback about the service offered and the breaches relative to our agreement, but he has not replied! I feel that we are being bullied by the company, which appears to have no regard for the agreement between the two parties. 

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