Sweet Service Award goes to Knead; Sour Service Award goes to Outsurance!



The Sweet Service Award goes to Knead in the Constantia Emporium, and its waitress Olly (Molly without the M she said). Ten days ago I was in this lovely small shopping centre, wanting to shop at its fabulous Checkers store, and walked past Knead, succumbing to one of their hot cross buns displayed on a table outside the door. As I had to spend the day in the Southern Suburbs whilst waiting for my cat receiving treatment at the Peninsula Animal Hospital in Diepriver, I asked whether they have WiFi, as I needed to do my writing work. What a good decision it was, Olly bringing me an endless pot of Earl Grey tea, topped up with further pots of water, and a hot cross bun. She checked on me regularly, and kept an eye on my iPad when I had to go to the cloakroom after all the tea drinking. Whilst it got noisy due to the loud chatting by one of the other waitresses (there was no Manager in sight), the Music playlist was good, and I managed to do all my writing work in the three hours spent there.

The Sour Service Award goes to Outsurance, which called me 17 times over two days, at 5 minute intervals, until I decided to answer the phone and demand to know why they were harassing me, given that I am not a client of the insurance company. The person answering could not explain it, only reacting with an ‘oh’ when I told him that I am not a client, putting down the phone and having peace from then onwards! Thank goodness for Truecaller on my phone!


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