Sweet Service goes to Sorbet; Sour Service Award goes to La Belle at The Alphen Hotel


The Sweet Service Award goes to Sorbet Sea Point, and its Manager Marie-Zanne, who patiently listened to my service complaint about a visit earlier this week. I was left with wax marks on my legs that I could not clean with nail polish remover (the only remedy I could think of!), and she invited me to come back for the marks to be removed. I also told her about the poor service when I paid, the Clicks Club Card having to be swiped too when one pays, for points, but I realised that this had not been done for a number of my past monthly visits! While she could not give me the points retrospectively as they have changed their computer system, she was honest enough to acknowledge that there have been service issues at their reception. The receptionist Megan also refused to give me the number of the Manager. Kindly she has given me her cellphone number directly!

The Sour Service Award goes to La Belle at The Alphen Hotel. Yesterday I stopped there for a cappuccino. I smelt an awful smell when getting out of my car, and commented about it to the waitress nearest the entrance to the restaurant, asking her what it was. She did not reply! Yet when I sat down she did an overly sweet greeting to me, as if she had not seen me arrive. She told me that she had not heard me, so I suggested that the loud music be turned down! A colleague took over, and the dry cappuccino I had ordered, and described to him exactly, was incorrectly made! Fudge was sold in packets of four, so I asked the same waiter how much one slice would cost. He said it would be R30, the price of four slices! He would not budge on this. I asked for the manager, and he said immediately that I could buy one slice, at a quarter of the price! I requested to speak to the hotel GM, as no one at the restaurant could help me with the smell outside. Daniel the GM came quickly, and agreed that it was a very strong smell, saying that the kitchen was cooking lamb shank for dinner! Despite the kind interaction from Daniel, it was an unpleasant experience stopping at La Belle, added to which was the poor WiFi quality. 

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