Vondeling tasting ends off OpenWine educational tastings!


On Tuesday evening we were exposed to Vondeling wines, three wines of which we tasted two vintages each. The tasting was led by Jane Eedes, heading up Vondeling  Sales & Marketing.  At the tasting OpenWine owners Marta Gobbo and Raphael Paterniti announced that the regular Tuesday tastings will be placed on hold for a while. 

1    Vondeling Chardonnay 2010

This Chardonnay is rich and buttery, giving hints of butterscotch, and earthiness. It has fresh acidity, and a nice palate weight. It spent nine months in the barrel. It costs R210 at the cellar door. The oldest Vondeling  Chardonnay vintage is 2005. 


2.  Vondeling Chardonnay 2015

The style of making this Chardonnay has not changed, Jane said. It gives a dry finish. Jane shared that the 2015 vintage was a fantastic one. This Vondeling Chardonnay scored 90 points in Decanter. 

The wine costs R120.


3.   Vondeling Babiana 2010

The Babiana is a highly endangered flower species only growing on the Paardeberg.  The area has suffered debilitating fires, the last one being about four years ago. The fynbos in the area is still recovering from the fire. 

Jane told us that they do not have a cycle trail on the farm, due to fire risk. One can however hike through the wine estate.  They have instituted a protective Biodiversity program, working with officials from Kirstenbosch botanical garden. 

The Vondeling Babiana is a Chenin Blanc-driven blend (53%), with Viognier (24%), Chardonnay (15%) and Grenache Blanc (8%). The 2010 Harvest was a hot one and very dry, with a heatwave while they were harvesting. 


4.  Vondeling Babiana 2015

The Vondeling Babiana 2015 is a Chenin Blanc-driven blend (60%), with Grenache Blanc (18%), Viognier(16%), and Chardonnay (6%). It has achieved a 5-star Platter rating.  The wine costs R180. 

It is earthy, with mushroom, preserved ginger, and white lily floral notes. It is slightly oxidated, and rich. Jane described the wine as almost behaving like a red wine, and is excellent to drink with food. . 


5.   Vondeling Erica Shiraz 2010

This red wine is named after the Erica fynbos plant, which was also affected by the fire, being regenerated by it. 

The wine has a 5-star Platter rating. The wine blend is predominantly Shiraz (85%). It is more concentrated and structured, and planted in very poor soil.  The vines are now ten years old, and their roots grow deep down to seek water. The grapes get better ever year, Jane shared. The blend also contains Carignan (5%), Grenache (5%), Mourvèdre (4%), and Viognier (1%). 


6. Vondeling Erica 2014. 

The 2015 vintage of Vondeling Erica, now no longer carrying the ‘Shiraz’  descriptor, is lighter, and is a little more shy, giving raspberry, freshness, and great depth. The blend contains Shiraz (73%), Mourvèdre (12%), Grenache (7%), Carignan (5%), and Viognier (3%).  The addition of Mourvèdre gives a wild berry taste. It is still a very young wine, which has not yet been presented to Platter for evaluation. 

The price is R195 via the cellar door.


Vondeling, Voor-Paardeberg.  Paarl. Tel (021) 869-8595. www.vondelingwines.co.za Twitter:  @VondelingWines  Instagram: @ vondeling_   Tastings Monday – Friday from 9h30 – 17h00. 

OpenWine Taste Pair Shop, 72 Wale Street, Cape Town. Tel (021) 422-0800. www.openwineza.co.za Instagram: @openwine_za

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