Crisp deli a crisp addition to Franschhoek’s food offering!


Crisp signage Whale CottageOn Saturday I managed to get to see Crisp for the first time, it having closed early on the Sunday of the Bastille weekend.  It offers Franschhoek locals and visitors an amazing variety of fresh, canned, bottled, and packaged produce at very reasonable prices, with service from very professional staff.

On my previous visit, looking through the window, I expected a restaurant, seeing the four tables (with Boekenhoutskloof-branded table tops) and multi-coloured wooden chairs, but currently they only serve very good coffee (from Euro Café) and water.   The Deli belongs to Ainsa McTaggart Jooste, the staff told me, who already owns a Crisp in Riebeek-Kasteel.  However, the website shares that Crisp is a supplier of fresh produce to restaurants and hotels.  I know one of the two staff members Wendy, who previously was the Assistant Manager at the Salmon Bar, the most friendly and efficient staff member I have ever experienced there.  Wendy told me that they are planning to do meals, such as cheese and charcuterie platters, as well as additional items on a small menu.

Essentially Crisp is a shop selling

*   vegetables, including garlic, ginger, mushrooms, leeks, herbs, olives, waterblommetjies, red onions, baby potatoes, wholeCrisp Fresh veg and fruit Whale Cottage pumpkin, beetroot, and more

*   fruit, including kumquat, pomegranate, kiwi, gooseberries, guavas, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, etc

*   free-range eggs

*   cheeses from Dalewood, and organic milk, cheese, and cream

*   packaged produce from Italy, including various pasta types, tinned chick peas, Olitalia extra virgin olive oil, Orione balamic Vinegar, Amaretti biscuits, Sfizzi sesame seed, rosemary, sesamo, and peperoncino bread sticks, and tomato sauce

*   packaged produce from Germany, including Snack Brezel, Sentenbacher Ready Sourdough, Coppenrath biscuits,  and Sentenbacher German Farmers Bread Spelt

*   Greek Phileos extra virgin olive oil, Spanish Montsia paella rice, French Maille Dijon mustard, British Colman’s Bramley apple sauce, Colman’s Tartar sauce, Fischer Cornichons, Wilson’s Walnut oil, and Anchovy sauce

*  Crisp Products on shelves Whale Cottage spices such as caraway seeds, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, pepper corn seeds, sesame seeds, coriander, Juniper berries, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cumin, star anise, smoked paprika, turmeric, curry, and paprika

*   other products include local honey, coconut oil, tinned coconut milk, home-made rusks, Gold Crest tinned baby pears and baby apples, puppadums, Japanese Fanko bread crumbs, Tobasco Bloody Mary Mix, and capers.

*   charcuterie from Richard Bosman, including Chorizo (Spanish style salami), Cacciatorini (Italian style salami), sauccisonCrisp cheeses etc Whale Cottage (French style cured sausage), and fuet (Catalan sausage), as well as pre-packaged products from his range.

*   quality meat products from The Happy Hog, DeliCo, The Duck Farm, and Elgin Free Range Chicken

*   Crisp Cupcakes Whale Cottagecupcakes

One of the few items missing is good breads, some wine, and then one will have everything under one roof, at prices lower than those at Pick ‘n Pay!  The Deli location is not very visible, being up a side road from the main road, but once the Deli has been discovered, by locals in particular, it is likely to be well supported.

Crisp, 3 Reservoir Road, Franschhoek.  Tel (021) 876-2162/082 493 0178.  No Social Media.  Monday – Friday 9h00 – 17h30, Saturday 9h00 – 15h00, Sunday 9h00 – 14h00.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

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