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Before the new working year kicks in tomorrow, when most return to work, we have taken stock of our blog.  Last year we had just over 401000 unique pageviews, and the winter Restaurant Specials blogpost was by far the most popular. Most traffic came via Google searches, and interestingly Facebook generated three times the volume of traffic to the blog compared to Twitter.  More than 2000 subscribers receive the latest blogpost daily on RSS feed subscription.

We cannot always predict what drives traffic to the blog.  The three best read Blog days, with over 2800 unique pageviews each, were 11 January (Cruise liners mean ‘The World’ to the V&A Waterfront: Cape cruise crisis), 23 April (Chef Bruce Robertson returns to Cape Town, plain sailing at The Boat House), and 9 November (Spier Sweet Service and City of Cape Town Sour Service Awards).  Interesting is that the blogpost we wrote on 18 April in 2011 about the unfortunate passing of the President of Ferrero Rocher in Cape Town still achieves daily readership, and was the second best read blogpost last year.  The top ten list of blogposts with the highest readership in 2012 is as follows:

1.   Winter 2012 Restaurant Specials warm up Cape Town and the Winelands

2   President of Ferrero Rocher company dies in Cape Town cycling accident

3  Table Mountain reaches New7Wonders of Nature climax, for the wrong reasons

4   Paulaner Bräuhaus closes down due to dispute with V&A Waterfront!

5   Value Car Hire Sweet Service and Beluga Sour Service Awards (a blogpost written in 2009, receiving renewed readership via a link to our blog, on the blog of Shaun Oakes, who wrote about being banned from the restaurant)

6.   Spring/Summer Restaurant Specials: Cape Town and Winelands

7.   Help predict MasterChef SA and win a whale of a weekend away!

8.   Chef Reuben Riffel’s endorsement of Robertsons is a marketing con!

9.   Restaurant Review:  Gaaitjie in Paternoster one of West Coast’s best (even though this blogpost was written in 2010)

10.   Was appointing Eat Out judge Bruce Palling a mis-steak?

We thank our loyal blog readers, and welcome new readers sent to our blog through controversies, the past week having seen the latest surge in readership, with close to 1500 unique pageviews in the past three days for the blogpost ‘New Year starts with Twitter bullying, bashing, and blackmail!‘.  We would prefer to receive fewer unpublishable Comments on the blog, and more contributory input of benefit to our readers.  We will publish all non-defamatory Comments.

We are grateful to be ranked 6th on the myScoop Blog Aggregator, and 7th on the Amatomu Blog Aggregator.

POSTSCRIPT 7/8:   Über controversial Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant 2012 international judge Bruce Palling has left the Wall Street Journal Europe and has joined Perowne Charles Communications to set up its food and drink division.  ‘Palling will lead PCC’s account team representing well-known food and drinks brands, Michelin-star chefs as well as new launches, with clients including Epicure at Le Bristol Paris and Aziamendi at Iniala Beach House in Phuket‘.  Funny is reading the agency’s blogpost about Palling’s appointment, clearly written by him and how he quotes his Eat Out excursion in his ‘CV’!

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