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Keeping fit whilst being confined to home during the Corona Virus Lockdown!


My biggest fear initially about our Lockdown was not being able to exercise, being a twice a day walker in my suburb of Camps Bay, thereby meeting my daily goal of 10000 steps, deemed by the American Heart Association to be the minimum we need. While I have Solo danced in my home on occasion, to make up this daily goal prior to Lockdown, I had never thought it possible to do 10000 steps, let alone even up to 16000 steps, being confined to my home. Continue reading →

FitBit a fabulous fitness tool and motivation, discovering my health and fitness with Discovery!

I have not been fitness-conscious in many years, but in preparation for my Camino walk, I decided to invest in a FitBit, a watch that not only tells the date and time, but also provides information about one’s activity in terms of steps and kilometers covered, calories burned, and one’s heart rate. All the measures are tracked daily and weekly, from the time that one startswearing the FitBit. Continue reading →