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Hospitality Counsel names 2022 Restaurant Luxe Award winners!





The first Restaurant Awards of 2022 were announced in Johannesburg by the Hospitality Counsel a week ago, with a handful of Cape Town restaurants and chefs recognised in their 2022 Luxe Awards.

Speaking to one of the organisers of the Awards a year or so ago, it appeared that Cape Town chefs and restaurant owners were not keen to fly to Johannesburg at their own expense to receive the Awards, and hence the Johannesburg restaurants dominate these Awards, of which 25 were presented, eight going to Cape Town Restaurants. It may explain why three restaurants in the La Colombe Group received four awards this year. And why Chef Luke Dale Roberts received three awards, as the event was hosted at Ethos Restaurant, where he is the Consultant Chef.   Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 65 of Level 1, 24 November 2020.


Tuesday 24 November 2020, Day 65 of Level 1, Day 244 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for good soaking rain overnight and this morning, clearing up this afternoon; for a very busy working morning; for walking to CitiVet Camps Bay for the first time, to buy deworming tablets for the CatKids, with very friendly service; for a surprise call from Lyndall from Kroonstad, who was in a lift club with me when our boys were at Bridge House in Franschhoek many moons ago; for a second walk through Bakoven; for dancing to Dansdag on Kfm; and for being happy and healthy. Continue reading →

Restaurant Review 2: Pot Luck Club Tapas Bar & Eatery food disappoints, service excellent!

On Monday evening a friend and I ate dinner at Pot Luck Club in the Biscuit Mill, it being one of very few quality restaurants which are open on Monday evenings. He challenged me to leave my note book at home, to just enjoy the evening, and to have fun. This was my first review written from memory, and the photographs were sourced from the restaurant’s website, and the internet. Very few photographs of the dishes we ate could be found. Continue reading →