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Sweet and Sour Service Awards go to Audi!


The Sour Service Award goes to Audi Waterfront,  for the problems I experienced after the annual service of my car a week ago. I had instructed the Service assistant to not have my seat setting moved, but my car radio station was changed, my boot separator was moved, and the cubby section between the seats was not cleaned.  But worse was to come. As I drove home, a warning light went on. I called the branch, and the Service assistant had no idea what it meant!  An Audi Assist person was sent to meet me in town, where I had to go to a meeting, did a Diagnostics Test, and found that the coolant pipe was broken, clearly done so during the service! My car had to be towed to Audi Century City, and I was to be given a replacement car for the weekend, all while I was meant to be in a client meeting. In my six years of driving my Audi I have never had anything break! Before I was able to receive a replacement car, I had to sign a four page form with terms and conditions, not being given a replacement car if I didn’t sign everything Bronwyn threatened, completely unsympathetic!  Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 109 of Level 1, 17 January 2022


Monday 17 January 2022, Day 109 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a lovely 28C day; for a heavy posting day for my clients, running smoothly with few disturbances, with some admin achieved as well; for a good meeting with Councillor Nicola Jowell and Goliath, City Afternoon Cleansing Supervisor for Camps Bay, discussing hiccups over the past month, and the very hot weekend lying ahead 😱; for a quick shop at Pick n Pay; for getting my Audi Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Audi; Sour Service Award goes to ESKOM!!!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Audi in the Waterfront, for having returned after an absence of a year or so, after having moved to Century City. They now have a shared facility in the same building with VW, which meant that I could easily go there to have my tyre pressure message removed (still cannot do it after 5 years), and a new battery fitted in my key, at no charge and within 10 minutes. The only thing that is missing there is the fabulous former Service Manager Hennie Kriel, who has left the company. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Dinkel Bakery; Sour Service Award goes to Audi Century City!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Dinkel Bakery on Kloofnek Road, and Cain, the coffee maker, waiter and Deli assistant, for his excellent service always. As I head to town weekly I have asked him to keep two poppyseed rolls for me on a Thursday. I don’t need to call ahead anymore, as the rolls are ready and waiting for me. The sweetest thing about Cain, a Zimbabwean, is that he can speak such good German, having worked at Dinkel for so many years already, serving many German customers. Continue reading →