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Mercedes-Benz Head Office Sweet Service and Mercedes-Benz Culemborg Sour Service Awards!

Mercedes-Benz logoThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Head Office of Mercedes-Benz and its Customer Care Manager Steven Crittalle, who patiently listened to my saga with Mercedes-Benz Culemborg (see Sour Service Award below), and made me feel that he would try to do everything in his power to make me a happier Mercedes-Benz owner.  I had been cut off from the Customer Complaints Call Centre in Pretoria three times when the Culemborg branch switchboard operator had transferred my call to Pretoria.  I spoke to Raven in the Call Centre, and he typed as I spoke, documenting the saga of disasters I had experienced. I reached Steven as Raven said my Continue reading →

Mercedes-Benz Sweet Service and V&A Waterfront Sour Service Awards!

Mercedes-Benz logoThe Sweet Service Award goes to Mercedes-Benz Culemborg in Cape Town, for the assistance by its Service Manager Dean Guimaraes in opening my car roof, which stopped working yesterday morning. Despite arriving at 16h00 on a Friday afternoon after returning from a function in Stellenbosch, Dean checked out the car.  He found that a part of the roof mechanism had broken, and managed to open the roof, despite the broken part, which they will replace next week, once ordered on Monday. Continue reading →

Mercedes Benz Sweet Service and TELKOM Sour Service Awards!

Mercedes BenzThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Culemborg branch of Mercedes Benz, and its Workshop Manager Dean Guimaraes and the Service Bookings Clerk Karen October, for their excellent service in getting an oil leak and a problem with the roof opening and closing mechanism repaired.  Something that I feared would cost a few thousands, for the roof problem in particular, cost just under R1000.  Karen kept me up to date throughout, and ensured that the car did not have to stay at the workshop overnight for more than one day. This is not the first Sweet Award for this branch. Continue reading →