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Platter’s Wine Guide 2021 bizarre announcement of 5-star wines, Kleine Zalze Wines named Winery of the Year!


On Wednesday Platters Wine Guide announced its 2021 5-star Wines List, unusually quietly, not revealing the individual winners names on Instagram or on other Social Media platforms, nor at a function traditionally held at the Table Bay Hotel. It appears that its emphasis is on its App, and selling its information by subscription.

Kleine Zalze Wines was named Top Performing Winery of the Year 2021, having seven five-star wines on the 2021 List, achieving this accolade for the first time in the more than 40 year history of the Platter Wine Guide. The Winery celebrated its achievement with a star-studded cake. Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Le Petit Manoir Restaurant just does not gel, despite Chefs’ experience In a Michelin star restaurant!

Last week I invited my friends Clint and Llewellyn Lambert (GM of the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel, and influential blogger at Hospitality Hedonist) to join me for dinner at Le Petit Manoir in Franschhoek, which opened in July. Having had more than enough time to settle in, it was a severely (and costly) experience, of a completely dysfunctional restaurant. I apologise for the longer than average Review, summarizing my experiences with Chef Kevin Grobler’s cooking since 2015.  Continue reading →

Water Day Zero brought forward by nine days, to 12 April 2018!

For the first time Cape Town Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson has issued a statement about the City of Cape Town’s dire water shortage situation, after taking over the responsibility for the water situation for the city, as well as its communication. Current Mayor Patricia de Lille has been suspended from all water-related issues and its communication! Sadly the Deputy Mayor has announced that water-saving measures are not meeting targets, and therefore Day Zero has been brought forward by nine days to 12 April, from 21 April previously!  Continue reading →