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SA restaurants awarded with stars for the first time in 2022 Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards!


The Eat Out Restaurant Awards were held for the first time in three years today, an eagerly awaited event, given the impact of the Lockdown on the restaurant industry, and the change in the restaurant awards system, restaurants no longer ranked, but rated with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

It was a surprise to read a year ago that Eat Out would reintroduce its Awards this year, and that Abigail Donnelly was heading up the judging for the awards again, after an absence of a number of years. Continue reading →

Eat Out announces its Awards will return in November 2022! Sadly few Top 10 restaurants still operating!


It was a surprise to read that Eat Out will resume its Restaurant Awards in 2022, announcing them at a dinner in November of next year, and that Abigail Donnelly will take over as Chief Judge, introducing a new judging process.

Eat Out did not award its Restaurant Awards in 2020 and in 2021.

Of the Eat Out Top 10 List of 2019 only seven restaurants are still operating. Continue reading →

The Steak Club at The Lawns at the Roundhouse serves fine steaks, an elite and exclusive new pop-up Winter restaurant!


What a clever move of The Lawns, an outdoor-only daytime restaurant at The Roundhouse in Camps Bay,  to erect a massive Marquee on one level of the lawns and turn it into a Winter pop-up restaurant called Steak Club. The Lawns outside-seating restaurant will continue to serve Breakfast and Lunch outside.

I attended its opening a week ago, invited with predominantly representatives of the alcoholic beverage Trade. We were served canapés representing dishes on the menu, prepared by Chef Stephen Mandes, whom I had last experienced when Mondiall still operated in the Waterfront a few years ago. He remembered my aversion to onions from way back then. He is a past winner of an Ultimate Braai Master series. Continue reading →

Roots Café & Kitchen taken over by siblings Mel and Jason Laing, friendly and homely!


Brother and sister Jason and Melissa Laing have taken over Roots Café and Kitchen in Roeland Square, across the road from Wembley Square, both having left Firefly Café in Camps Bay. The restaurant ownership change took place a month ago, the former owner Jess being friends with the siblings. I was invited to try the restaurant by Jason.

When Firefly Café opened seven months ago Chef Mel headed up the tiny open-plan kitchen, and she was always busy with food preparation, making it difficult Continue reading →