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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 73 of Level 1, 2 December 2020.


Wednesday 2 December 2020, Day 73 of Level 1, Day 252 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful to all of you for your care and concern in KitKat having been taken away yesterday 😱😢😿; for the luck of having pre-planned a lunch today with Hanlie Theron and Johnny Nortje, which distracted me from my sadness, and got me out of my home; for a lovely sunny day, but the wind now blowing strongly; for the request by my Canadian tour operator to
produce a ‘Christmas in Cape Town’ video, what a fabulous challenge; for having my Community Cleaning team doing a deep clean with me this afternoon; for attending the celebration of the new showroom of Boutique Haute Horologie in the Waterfront; for Brian Van Hansen spontaneously saying yes to doing the Christmas video, with 15 minutes notice; for two Discovery Vitality Gameboard plays; and for being healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Cape Town Top 20 World Travel Destination, home to 7 of South Africa’s Top 10 Hotels, according to 2020 Forbes Travel Guide!


The Forbes Travel Guide has included ten top South African hotels in its 2020 Star Award winner list, seven of which are in Cape Town, one in Stellenbosch, and two in Johannesburg. Cape Town also made the Guide’s Top 20;Travel Destination List. Continue reading →

Restaurants still opening in Cape Town & Winelands, despite end of season!

imageNew restaurant openings continue, especially in Cape Town.  The most amazing new opening success has been Locanda Restaurant at Villa 47 on Bree Street, which became the city’s favorite within its first week of opening!   Very interesting news is Chef Ivor Jones’ departure from The Test Kitchen* at the end of the month and his future (see below).

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously.

Restaurant Openings

#    Villa 47 has opened on Bree Street, with Locando restaurant on the ground floor.  Stuzzico Italian finger-food and bar has opened on the second floor, and Continue reading →