Bars worse hit than restaurants in the past year of the Corona Lockdown! Fast Food Take-Away sales static!



In this weekend’s Daily Maverick 168 my eyes caught an article pertaining to restaurant and bar sales, and how they have performed since February 2020.

Interestingly Take-Away Fast Food sales barely increased, contrary to expectations.

The newspaper quotes February 2021  Statistics South Africa Data as follows:


#  Overall the Food and Beverage sector declined by 25% relative to February 2020

#   Bar sales dropped by 49% in the same twelve month period

#   Food sales declined by 23%

#   Comparing January 2020 and 2021, the declines were even worse, Bar sales dropping by 81% and Food sales by 38%.

#   Catering sales experienced a heavy drop of 50% in the February 2020 – February 2021 period, reflecting the initial ban on Events, followed by restrictions on Event sizes.

#   Restaurant and Coffee shop sales declined by 32% in the year ending February 2021.

#   Take-away and fast food outlet sales remained stagnant, a surprise given how many locals ordered in. Perhaps the vast number of restaurants entering the Delivery and Collections market in competition to chain and franchise take-away outlets like McDonalds at the early start of the Lockdown took away business from the long-established take-away outlets.

#   Ordering in from restaurants, with delivery by the notorious Uber Eats, remains an option for those who are still hesitant about eating out, although restaurants have been doing really well since February this year, once the Restaurant closing time was moved to 23h00, and alcohol sales were allowed in restaurants again.

#   Comparing January and February 2021 data, the Food and Beverage sector declined by 17% in January and increased by 25% in February, reflecting the impact of the Lockdown regulation changes.

The Daily Maverick 168 article written by Ed Stoddard concludes that our country is ‘truly becoming a fast food nation’. I beg to differ! The role played by non-fast food Restaurant Deliveries  will be hidden in the Statistics SA data.

Photograph: Anatoli Mediterranean Restaurant


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