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World’s 50 Best excludes Russian Restaurants and Bars from its 2022 Awards Lists!


The anti-Russian sentiment has spread around the USA and Europe in particular, and now is affecting the restaurant industry, with American chain food outlets such as McDonalds stopping trading in Russia, Burger King being an exception, it continuing to trade.

It was a surprise nevertheless when the World’s 50 Best compilers of Best Restaurants and Best Bars in the World announced that it would exclude Russian Restaurants and Bars from their 2022 evaluations. No other international restaurant lists have followed suit to date.

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Bars worse hit than restaurants in the past year of the Corona Lockdown! Fast Food Take-Away sales static!


In this weekend’s Daily Maverick 168 my eyes caught an article pertaining to restaurant and bar sales, and how they have performed since February 2020.

Interestingly Take-Away Fast Food sales barely increased, contrary to expectations. Continue reading →

City of Cape Town, Government, and UCT join forces during Corona Lockdown to research Beach Litter!



I have become a Litter fiend, since moving back to Camps Bay two years ago, picking up litter on my walks along the Beachfront in the suburb. It was therefore interesting to read a study conducted during Lockdown in late April 2020 by students of the University of Cape Town, evaluating the volume, origin of, and type of litter on three Cape Town beaches, two in the Muizenberg area, and the other at Milnerton. The study was conducted in conjunction with the City of Cape Town and the SA Government. Continue reading →

‘Bak of Brou’ on VIA TV fun baking challenge with presenter Anél Potgieter, two contestants and a celebrity!

I hadn’t seen Anél Potgieter for a while, and met with her on Monday at SeaBreeze Fish & Shell, my new favorite restaurant in Bree Street, on an atypical winter’s day, at 28C.  She shared details of her fun new TV program ‘Bak of Brou’.  Continue reading →