Help predict MasterChef SA winner and win a whale of a weekend away!


In 15 weeks we will know who our own MasterChef SA is.  We are curious to hear who our readers think will become MasterChef SA, and why.  We ask you to send in your nominations with a motivation via Comment to this Blog (please add your name and surname).

To thank you for your input, we will award one lucky reader a complimentary weekend of your choice location at one of our Whale Cottages in Camps Bay, Hermanus, or Franschhoek, subject to availability, out of all of those entries correctly predicting the winner of MasterChef SA.

Whale Cottage Camps Bay is ideally located 500 meters from Camps Bay beach and 25 restaurants on the Camps Bay Promenade.  It offers secure parking on the property, with seven seafacing double rooms, and single rooms facing the Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head.

Whale Cottage Hermanus is located on the seafront, with a wonderful view onto Walker Bay, in which Southern Right whales and their calves frolic from May – November.  The region is also known for its excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines in particular, from estates such as Hamilton Russell, Hermanuspietersfontein, and Creation on the Hermanus Wine Route.

Franschhoek is best known as the Gourmet and Wedding capital of South Africa, and some of its wine estates recognised  as the best in the country. Whale Cottage Franschhoek is situated 200 meters from the main road in the village, up the road from Le Quartier Français and Reuben’s Franschhoek.

Jorgensen’s Distillery has generously donated two of its brands to the runner-up of the competition to correctly predict MasterChef SA, their Savingnac Potstill Brandy (value R300) and Naked Lemon Limoncello (value R120). The Savingnac Potstill Brandy is made in Wellington, and has roots of brandy making on the same property going back more than 300 years. Specially made wine is double distilled in owner Roger Jorgensen’s copper pot still to concentrate the flavour and the alcohol, and then is matured for a period of ten years or more in French oak barrels. The Naked Lemon Limoncello is made from hand-picked organic lemons, hand zested, with the skins macerated for 12 days in fragrant wine spirits to infuse the spirit with the lemon oils, giving the liqueur the vibrant yellow colour. It is bottled at 30% alcohol, and can be served with desserts or drunk ice cold.

To get the ball rolling, a listing of the eighteen MasterChef SA finalists, and our predictions of the chances of some of them winning MasterChef SA, follows:

Babalwa Baartman – would it be feasible for her to run the MondoVino restaurant at Montecasino in Johannesburg for a year, being from Cape Town, if she wins MasterChef SA? No exposure in episode 4 and 6. Eliminated in episode 8.

Berdina Schurink – she auditioned in each of the three MasterChef SA cities, so determined was she to become a finalist. The MasterChef SA write-up describes her as ‘serious, determined and focused’. They warn viewers to not be fooled by her quiet and reserved nature. Pastry is her speciality.  Berdina kept her pose when she fell into the bottom five for a childhood dish in episode 4, and her ‘pressure test’ koeksisters were judged to be perfect. She went into the ‘Pressure Test’ for the second time, but her lamb was undercooked, and therefore she was voted out by the judges in episode 5.  Berdina has opened Bella Sophia Culinary Café in Riviera in Pretoria.

Brandon Law – little is known about him, but he has done fan signings at Eastgate. He is interested in molecular gastronomy. Could he become our next Chef Richard Carstens?  No exposure in episode 4 and 6. Eliminated in episode 8.

Charles Canning – being based in Cape Town, can he afford to be away from his family panel beating business, a family with four children, and the Cape Town Highlanders, which he leads, to take over the MondoVino restaurant for a year?  Both his childhood dish and ‘pressure test’ koeksisters bombed and he was one of two sent home in episode 4.

Deena Naidoo – his Butter Chicken was loved by Chef Pete in episode 1 and he finished it all, it tasted so good!  He has been interviewed by the Sunday Times. on 15 April.  There is no real story to the interview, entitled “Masterchef hopeful not just ‘curry guy’“, but it does state that he took unpaid leave to participate in the competition.  Interesting is that he wears a MasterChef branded chefs’ top in the newspaper photograph.  Interesting too is that he is the only one of the 18 contestants to use ‘mcsa’ in his Twitter address.  No exposure in episode 4.  Made top curry dish of all in episode 6.  Leader of winning Blue team in Navy challenge.  Did well with Denningvleis dish in episode 8. Only finalist not yet in a pressure test. To go into his first Pressure Test in episode 12. One wonders how MasterChef SA could have chosen Deena as a candidate if he does not drink, given that a chef would have to know his wines, and pair them with his foods. Given that Nederburg is a sponsor, and a wine training course offered by the South African Sommelier Association is part of the prize, they could not have a MasterChef SA winner who does not drink wines. Deena made a superb Passion Hazelnut Gateau in his Pressure Test, to his own surprise, in episode 12. In Pressure Test in episode 13, but survived it, despite heavy criticism from Chef Pete Goffe-Wood of over-smoking his fish.  Not very successful in his Springbok loin Pressure Test in episode 15. Won the bell for best dish, to call on Chef/Judge input in episode 17, in episode 16. Highly praised by Chef Michel Roux Jnr from La Gavroche in London.  Deena won the best dessert in episode 17, winning him a test drive in the Hyundai Elantra for a picnic with his wife Cathy at Plaisir de Merle in Franschhoek. Deena has gone through to the Finale.

Fortune Kangueehi – could a MasterChef SA come from Namibia?  The judges may vote this advertising executive out over time on this basis alone.  Her childhood dish did not make it, and she forgot to add baking powder to her ‘pressure test’ koeksisters, and became the second person to leave in episode 4.

Guy Clark – from friends of friends we have heard that he has made it close to the top.  He is not visible on Social Media.  Has this former model and now property broker gone underground? Does this make him the winner? No exposure in episode 4 and 6. In Red Team ‘Pressure Test’ with not so good pig’s ear dish. Eliminated in episode 9 for his soufflé.

Ilse Fourieshe attracted attention for the most favourable comments of all for her hot cooking (salmon steak) in episode 1, and she was the fastest egg whisker of all finalists in episode 2. She has had a write up on Channel 24. She is also pretty, having been a lingerie model, and this would add an extra touch of spice to the award! No exposure in episode 4. Praise for her curry dish in episode 6, and pork shoulder in episode 7.  Did well with Tripe dish in episode 8. Not visible in episode 9 and 10.  Seen in M-Net promo ad for MasterChef SA on 15/6, in which she says she will move to Johannesburg, should she win.  Eliminated in episode 14, after her mini Boerewors popped, and she struggled to debone her lamb shoulder in the resultant Pressure/Perseverance Test.

Jade de Waal – loved by some and hated by others for her odd English/Afrikaans/undefined accent, she is a true character.  Her cardamon ice cream was loved by the judges in episode 1. She was interviewed extensively after this episode by her aunt Sonia Cabano on the Robertsons Twitter account, when she still was the Social Media Manager for Robertsons.  Jade received extensive ‘airtime’ in this Twitter interview, which no other contestant has received on this account to date.  She has changed the name of her Twitter account, and has locked it as well, only allowing certain Tweeters to read it.  Is she too hip, trendy, and frivolous for such a serious accolade?  Based in Cape Town.  Her Avo Ritz with a twist was highly praised in episode 4.  She has announced that she has written a Cook Book on vegetables with her aunt.  She was interviewed by Huisgenoot, she announced on Twitter. No exposure in episode 6.  First criticism seen, for her Waterblommetjie bredie dish (with Sue-Ann Allen). She made a very poor soufflé, which should have seen her eliminated in episode 9, many on Twitter felt. In the Elimination Challenge in episode 10. Going into Pressure Test in episode 12.  Voted out in episode 12, for a mess of a Passion Hazelnut Gateau.  Reported to have written a cookbook ‘Luscious Vegetarian’ with her aunt Sonia Cabano, to be published in October.

Khaya Silingile – this Marketing Co-ordinator attracted attention in episode 1 for her highly praised scallop and smoked salmon dish, which she served with an unusual rhubarb tart. Her salmon childhood dish was praised by the judges in episode 4. No exposure in episode 6. Won the International Cuisine challenge in episode 9, with her French dish.  In the Elimination Challenge in episode 10.  Won best wine and food pairing in episode 11.  Was beaten by 4-point margin by Chef Reuben Riffel in making his Seafood Fricasee – had she won, she would have won an Immunity Pin for the next five episodes.  Announced her pregnancy in episode 13. In Pressure Test in episode 14. Eliminated due to her Springbok loin dish errors in episode 15.

Lungile Nhlanhla – this young fashion designer from Durban wants to create a link between fashion and food, says her MasterChef SA profile. No exposure in episode 4.  Was praised for her curry in episode 6 and pork tail in episode 7. Came in on budget and her R150 budget meal acceptable in episode 10. Eliminated in episode 16 for not getting her chicken ballotine correct.  It has been announced that Lungi has been appointed Junior Food editor of Drum magazine.

Lwazi Mngoma – appears very confident in his Tweets, and has been interviewed on Johannesburg radio stations Highveld Stereo and Kaya FM, and proud of it!  Due to a less than satisfactory childhood memory dish, he went into the ‘pressure test’, and was lucky to have been retained, as his koeksisters were not perfect in episode 4.  Back into ‘Pressure Test’ in episode 6, and was sent home due to his ‘Salmon Three Ways’ not meeting the judges approval.

Manisha Naidu – she cut short her honeymoon to audition for the show, says her MasterChef SA profile. She made the second best childhood memory dish, and was voted a team leader by the judges in episode 4. Commendably she elected herself into the ‘pressure test’ in episode 5, taking responsibility for her team losing the Harvest Celebration challenge, and she did not perform well in preparing the lamb rack.  She will live with the conscience of having taken Berdina into the ‘pressure test’, and causing her elimination indirectly. No exposure in episode 6. Did well in Tripe dish in episode 8. Made top Budget family meal in episode 10.  Her Boerewors dish voted best of all by the judges in episode 14, becoming a team leader in episode 15. In the Sunday Times on 8 July, a most honest interview reflected a sad past for Manisha, battling bulimia, a suicide attempt, and a divorce. But she remarried last year, and was on honeymoon when she received notification that she had been selected to participate, and therefore cut the honeymoon short. Manisha did not have to go into the Pressure Test in episode 17. Manisha forgot to add the pea shoot to her dish in episode 18, and made plating mistakes which cost her a place in the Finale, and she was sent home.

Mmutsi Maseko – as a ‘stay-at-home’ mum, she may not be able to take up the prize of the restaurant chef. She ‘cooks from within’, says her MasterChef SA profile, and her favourite foods to prepare are meat, pap, and chakalaka.  Floundering in her childhood memory dish by running out of time, she redeemed herself in the ‘pressure test’, making perfect koeksisters in episode 4.  She went into the ‘pressure test‘ for the second time in episode 5, but her rack of lamb was praised by the judges. No exposure in episode 6.  Voted out in episode 7.

Samantha Nolan – also from Cape Town, and ‘stay-at-home’ mother of four children, according to her MasterChef SA profile, so the MondoVino restaurant prize may also be a problem. Her childhood memory dish was voted the best of all, and she was chosen a team leader too in episode 4. Best judge of spices in Chef Vanie Padayachee’s curry, and could choose main ingredient for curry in episode 6.  Clearly leading the winning Blue team in the Navy challenge. First time in Pressure Test in episode 9, for having too many spices in her mince with the vetkoek.  Voted out in episode 10 for Minestrone soup.

Sarel Loots – very quick to correct an error on this blog, asked to be followed on Twitter (a no-no), and subsequently blocked our account, possibly due to our Robertsons blogpost. He also auditioned at all three MasterChef SA venues.  He loves making desserts most.  Embarrassing poorly spelt Tweets were sent by him to Chefs Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, and Guy Fieri, all with the same message:”Love your programs. U insired (sic) me to enter @MasterChef_SA and made it to top 18 and stil (sic) going“!  He also Tweeted ‘I will win this’, at a time when the MasterChef SA winner is known to some or all of the last 18 finalists. His poor English and Afrikaans spelling should be enough reason to disqualify him. No exposure in episode 4. Into Pressure Test in episode 6 due to his curry dish, but redeemed himself with an excellent ‘Salmon Three Ways’. In Pressure Test in episode 9, for not trying hard enough with his Brazilian dish.  No exposure in episode 10.  Second best Boerewors dish in episode 14, to be second team leader in episode 15. Except for his Bearnaise sauce, his Springbok loin dish for the Pressure Test in episode 15 was a close copy of the dish by Chef Andrew Atkinson.  His peppadew stuffing of his chicken ballotine clashed with the truffle on his stuffed artichoke in episode 16. Voted out in episode 17, for forgetting the hazelnut gel.

Sue-Ann Allen – also from Cape Town, so the MondoVino restaurant prize may also be a problem.  She was so dedicated to participate in MasterChef SA that she resigned her job as lighting designer. No exposure in episode 4.  In ‘Pressure Test’ in episode 6, and was lucky to not be voted out.  Pork loin not well received by judges in Red Team ‘Pressure Test’ in episode 7.  Criticised for poor Waterblommetjie dish in episode 8. No exposure in episodes 9 and 10. Sue-Ann is on holiday in Croatia (June).  Due to her Boerewors becoming ‘droë wors’ in episode 14, she did a brilliant Rolled lamb shoulder in the Pressure Test, judged to be her best MasterChef SA dish. Her stuffed artichoke said to be closest to that of Chef Michel Roux Jnr, but her chicken ballotine, stuffed with cream cheese, less successful, in episode 16.  Survived the Pressure Test in episode 17.  One of the two Finalists going into the Finale in episode 19.  Sue-Ann was the Runner-up to Deena Naidoo to MasterChef SA.  She is doing a one-month apprenticeship with The Greenhouse, Eat Out‘s number one Top 10 restaurant, from 21 August.

Thys Hattingh – received high praise for his dessert in episode 3, when the challenge was to make the best braai dish.  Not a ‘braaier’, by his own admission. No exposure in episode 4.  Made second best curry dish in episode 6.  Leader of losing Red team in Navy challenge in episode 7.  Did well in Denningvleis dish in episode 8.  Came second with his Moroccan poached pear dish in episode 9, even if he poached it in Nederburg wine, Morocco being a Muslim country!  Into Pressure Test in episode 12.  Struggled greatly with his chocolate mousse in making the Passion Hazelnut Gateau in the Pressure Test, and was lucky that Jade de Waal’s Gateau was even less perfect than his. Eliminated in episode 13, for overcooking his fish in Zanzibar.

We look forward to your votes – please keep them coming!

POSTSCRIPT 16/4: M-Net’s Senior Publicist Ingrid Engelbrecht provided the following information about the restaurant prize: Regarding the restaurant prize, Southern Sun is happy to tailor-make the options in order to meet the needs of the winner and to ensure that all parties are happy going forward with this amazing prize. They will take into account factors such as the contestant not being from Johannesburg, having a family and any other obligations, and will assist to whatever degree is necessary’.

POSTSCRIPT 19/5: Die Burger ran a poll today, asking readers to vote who will win MasterChef SA. This is how they voted:

Ilse Fourie 32 % 367 Stemme

Jade de Waal 6 % 70 Stemme

Sarel Loots 15 % 175 Stemme

Thys Hattingh 22 % 246 Stemme

Deena Naidoo 5 % 59 Stemme

Khaya Silingile 5 % 56 Stemme

Lungile Nhlanhla 3 % 33 Stemme

Manisha Naidu 2 % 20 Stemme

Samantha Nolan 4 % 41 Stemme

Sue-Ann Allen 6 % 68 Stemme

POSTSCRIPT 27/7: The winners of the MasterChef SA Winner competition are the following:

*   Weekend at a Whale Cottage guest house in Camps Bay, Hermanus, or Franschhoek: Francesca Tiganis. Her motivation for nominating Deena was as follows:My vote is for Deena Naidoo – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him evolve with such passion and confidence, but in the most humble way. The way he listened so carefully to Chef Michel Roux and Chef Margot Janse really helped him execute his dishes so very well – he deserves to win Masterchef SA!’

*   Jorgensen’s Distillery’ Savingnac Potstill Brandy and Naked Lemon Limoncello: Alicia Peter, for nominating Deena as follows:I nominate Deena Naidoo – because he has managed to impress the judges and audience with almost all his dishes. To impress THE Michel Roux Jnr himself is simply superb! He is so talented yet so humble. I take my hat off to him…Go Deena!’

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter:@WhaleCottage

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90 replies on “Help predict MasterChef SA winner and win a whale of a weekend away!”

  1. Thank you for your entry Marco – please can you give us a motivation for your vote from Brandon?


  2. I sincerely hope that Sarel Loots does not win this competition. It’s an embarrassment to the culinary industry of this country. What an idiot.

  3. My Vote goes for Deena Naidoo, a calm and confident chef and absolutely exudes what a South african winner should be.
    He has the passion needed to ensure success for the competition and for younger chefs.

  4. Deena Naidoo – He just knows how to cook everything. Hasn’t failed yet, and truly has a passion for cooking. He’ll be hard to beat.

  5. I vote for Deena. A great chef with passion, determination, fantastic culinary skills and an all-round great guy.

  6. I predict Deena Naidoo to be the winner. He is simply just great at whatever he chooses to do.

  7. My vote goes for Deena Naidoo , anything he lays his hands on turns to gold and that goes for his skills in the kitchen. A very clam and perfectionist.

  8. Deena Naidoo–20 guys have been going on an IT “Boys weekend” for a couple of years and Deena handles the buying and cooking.Even at these “chalets” he takes pride in his cooking and especially the presentation.He is multi talented and excels in everything he does.

  9. Frfom what I know and have tasted – definitely Deena Naidoo. He is always calm under pressure, even at work and it shows in his cooking styles. I have had the opportunity to sample some of his cooking – OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Go Deena 🙂

  10. I vote for Deena Naidoo. He portrays immense confidence in whatever he cooks up.

  11. My vote goes to Deena Naidoo. he is surprising versatile with both his ingrediants as well as with the different techniques i have seen thus far. He really seems to be bringing his A game. Would love to taste his food!!!

  12. I vote for Deena Naidoo.As mentioned in Sunday Times he is not just a curry guy knows to cook everything.

  13. I made it into the top 25 and was eliminated in the braai challenge. I know all 18 that made it through and my prediction is that there are three potential winners:-

    Sue-Anne: Very strong on presentation and has a clear handle on contemporary & asian food. She’s very well spoken and is very determined.

    Sam: Don’t be fooled by her “momsy” appearance. This chick has mad skills. She knocks stuff up that others wouldn’t even try.

    Deena: He has a very wide repertoire and a strong will that overcomes his natural nerves. My opinion is that anyone who can knock together butter chicken and naan from scratch in 30minutes is someone to watch.

    One more thing to mention is that the judge Andrew is getting such bad press on social media. Must admit that he comes across as such a tool on TV, but he really was the nicest judge off camera. Very down to earth and warm in person, just don’t know who told him to act like a dork on camera.

  14. Deena is creative, collected and works under pressure extremely well and has great presentation skills.Go Deena!

  15. Deena Naidoo, an excellent chef and most certainly will go all the way and win Master chef SA. His knowledge on food is a cut above all others. Deena is just a passionate person all round. Go Deena, this is yours all the way !

  16. Deena Naidoo: Besides having the desire and natural culinary skills required to win, he is a true gentleman who one is proud to be associated with. I believe he has all the attributes the winner requires.

  17. Deena will win because the judges will mistake him for Riaz. Deena has the skills and the ‘gift of the gab’ as well ..

  18. Deena has true passion for cooking and it has been relvealed in this competion. Thus far in the competition he has produced mouth watering meals and has really done all of us proud. He has mentioned to most of his working colleagues and friends that his main goal in this competion is to inspire all (from the youngest to the oldest) into cooking. I am truely inspired. Well done Deena…you are already a winner.

  19. Deena Naidoo gets my vote for Masterchef SA! His classy style, creatively presented,most delicious dishes, his confident and calm manner under pressure will certainly pay off!! He has the makings of a true winner! Go Deena Go!

  20. My vote is for Deena Naidoo. He is confident chef and his culinary skills are superb.

  21. Deena Naidoo: 1. His food is out of this world. 2. His presentation is of the highest standards. 3. He is an absolute gentleman. 4. His passion for cooking is contagious. 5. The fact that his major focus is to inspire children to cook and enjoy it and to get men to help in the kitchen; this shows Deena’s intergrity and amazing personality – a humble chef!

  22. I made the top 50 and was eliminated in the onion chopping challenge ( JOKE ) but I know these contestants pretty well and believe me Deena is the winner!!! He knows his stuff and he won the good food and wine competition so he not only has the technical knowledge but he has the edge on competing !!! Go KZN !!!

  23. My vote goes to Deena Naidoo: Brillaint cook – I ahve had the privelege to taste his now “Famous” Butter chicken and the flavour was absolutel divine. Deena’s calm and unassuming character makes him a prefect Master Chef! His attention to detail, and his love and passion when he cooks is inspiring to watch! Go Deena!

  24. Definitely Deena, so far so good and I think he has what it take to get to the end… Anyways its gr8 to see an Indian guy come tops for Master Chef. Go Deena we are rooting for you!!!

  25. Samantha. I liked your interview with her and I think she has very good skills. She has a wide repertoire of food which she seemed to have prepared. She was a good team leader and has an extraordinary palate. She is very knowledgeable about food… and she seems nice. Maybe I am voting for her because I am also a stay at home mom who loves cooking.

  26. I think she stands a very good chance Anita.

    She doesn’t seem to flap, and seems to have made almost everything already. She says she has lived the MasterChef SA dream for the past 3 years, meaning that she has done a lot of homework.


  27. Khaya does it for me!! She is a good cook but gets nervous unncecessarily. She can cook almost anything! Second would Lungi. She cooks top class international Dishes.

  28. Many clues point to Deena as being the winner of Masterchef, including his recent macaroni recipe in Woolworths Taste Magazine. An insider let on to me that the winner may very well be male and with Thys out and Sarel not too much competition, I’m pretty sure it’s Deena!

  29. I now think it will be Deeana. He has been in the pressure test quite a few times lately and each time showed that he has what it takes to go through. That gateaux was unbelievable, especially taking into consideration that baking is not his strong point. Thinking strategically, I think the decision of SA Sommelier Association endorsing the prize of training the winner might point in Deena’s direction, seeing that he does not drink and needs lots of knowledge in that area. I think Deena is very charming and will make a brilliant restaurant owner/chef if he wins the prize. And most of all he is very focused, yet extremely humble.

  30. Manisha Naidu will take top honours in the first MasterChef SA
    Firstly she is passionate enough to cut short her honeymoon to participate
    Voted a team leader by the judges in episode 4.
    Responsible and courageous : elected herself into the ‘pressure test’ in episode 5, taking responsibility for her team losing the challenge
    Keeps “doing well” ie her dishes being commended
    Took honours for top Budget family meal in episode 10.
    Boerewors dish voted best of all by the judges in episode 14
    And becoming a team leader in episode 15.
    What more do you want in a winner? Hopefully she will be able to “live up to her win” ie gain the confidence required to do all the post competition events and appearances that will require her to be in the public eye in person (not on recorded TV).

  31. My vote goes to Deena. Impossible is nothing for him. When he has to prepare a dish that he has never made before he does not drown under pressure, instead He draws the strength from within himself and gives the dish his all. Just when you think he is not going to make it, he rises above his competition with the best prepared dish. Each pressure test or challenge stretches his talents and capabilities and he is always showing us that, he always has more to offer.

  32. Manisha Naidu

    She is passionate and motivated. She has yet to disappoint. Consider the honour and integrity she portrayed when her team lost and she had to nominate 3 people to face the pressure test. She took ownership and stood up to face the challenge. She has no fear. A Master Chef needs to be more than just a great cook. They need to inspire and lead. Manisha has my vote and my fingers are crossed. All the best!

  33. Manisha is a winner!She is very intelligent n knows how to strategise.Her cooking and leadership skills are impeccable.She knows how to take control and lead by example.And her attention to detail is amazing!

  34. Manisha
    She is very consistant. Know how to lead a team and take ownership. Her cookings skills are great and creativeness also come through in her cooking and plating up.

  35. Deena is very passionate about cooking. He comes across as very nervous, but all cooks should be nervous when they cook. The nervousness has to do with taking pride and cooking well for clients.

  36. I hope it’s coincidental that you share the same name and surname as Deena?!


  37. I wasn’t too thrilled with Deena at the start of the show but feel he has proven himself to be a great chef!

  38. I nominate Deena Naidoo – because he has managed to impress the judges and audience with almost all his dishes. To impress THE Michel Roux Jnr himself is simply superb!
    He is so talented yet so humble. I take my hat off to him…Go Deena!

  39. Manisha Naidu,

    Manisha has an almost ethereal calm that overcomes her when she is cooking, and I truly believe that, that calm invokes into the food that she prepares.

  40. Deena without a doubt!
    He stayed strong through all tests and challenges, he grew as a chef, and at the same time remained such a humble and thankfull, great human being!

  41. my vote in DEENA all the way ,love how he always encourages other contestants in the pressure test .his food is great,he has such a humble character …..

  42. Deena Naidoo: you have the passion and natural culinary skills required to win, a a true gentleman of a humble character who one is proud to be associated with.After all the press exposure,he is still his old self,warm and helpful and so down to earth. He has even inspired my nieces aged 5 and 8.I believe he has all the attributes the winner requires.Best of luck,Deena.You are “OUR” winner,already.

  43. Manisha. Understands flavours and have been consistant through the whole competition

  44. I say Manisha will win, she has played silently but well and always succeeded 🙂

  45. Deena Naidoo has had my vote from day 1. He stays true to his culture and his passion for food shines through his humble personality. Go Deena!

  46. Deena will win his heart and soul is put into every dish that he creats! Truly a talented man and a pleasure to watch!

  47. Deena should win. He is a humble, sincere guy with a passion for food. He strives under pressure and think on his feet. He is my winner, from the beginning. Go for it Deena and bring the title to Durban.

  48. My vote is for Deena Naidoo – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him evolve with such passion and confidence, but in the most humble way. The way he listened so carefully to Chef Michel Roux and Chef Margot Janse really helped him execute his dishes so very well – he deserves to win Masterchef SA!

  49. Deena. He has been very consistent. At first I thought he was just good with curries, but he is a brilliant all rounder and great chef. He deserves it 100%

  50. Deena to win MCSA! From what seemed to be a quiet start for Deena, seeing him and his dishes evole to Master Chef winner status has been amazing. As well as our weekly MCSADinnerClub tuesday. Winning will be another excuse to continue our weekly tradition. Good luck Deena!

  51. Deena Naidoo! He’s the one that has made me least nervous during the episodes I’ve seen!

  52. Deena Naidoo, this is a chef that cooks with a passion lost or forgotten by so many today, if he has inside half of what he shows on the outside and never forgets to cook from inside he is set to be Master chef SA. Good Luck

  53. Sue-Ann to win MCSA.

    Why? She resigned her job to follow her heart and passion !

    Currently 2nd favourite to win – I believe that she has what it takes and hope and wish her to proof it tonight !

    She has my vote ! Best of luck and warm wishes Sue-Ann.

    Sonja, Cape Town

  54. Sue-Ann Allen would be my choice to win! Feel she is bit of the ‘under dog’ to win and therefor would love to support her.
    PS – Also at least she enjoys & knows wine, which is important when running a restaurant and having to do food & wine pairing!

    Good luck!

  55. Deena Naidoo for sure! HE IS FOOD! Stands metres tall above the rest. Just my 2cents lol :-).

  56. @Sonja Dreyer… In all fairness to Deena. He did take unpaid leave from his job, so that he can also follow his passion for cooking. I would love for Deena to win MasterChef, because he keeps his cool under pressure and knows how to prepare and make his dishes without getting all flustered. I think it would be a shame for Deena to not win MasterChef, just because he does not drink or know his wines. He can learn how to serve wines with his dishes. So, in closing, I think that Sue-Ann will win MasterChef, not because she is better than Deena, but only because she has the advantage over him in the wine serving category. Best of luck to both of them.

  57. My prediction for the winner of Masterchef is Sue-Ann, even though I would love Deena to win this, he has shown his passion and his determination every week through all the challenges and pressure tests, however Sue-Ann just keeps surprising me with how she has grown throughout the competition and with the pressure tests just surpassed my expectations by stepping her game up!

  58. My prediction for the winner of Masterchef is Sue-Ann, even though I would love Deena to win this, he has shown his passion and his determination every week through all the challenges and pressure tests, however Sue-Ann just keeps surprising me with how she has grown throughout the competition and with the pressure tests just surpassed my expectations by stepping her game up!

  59. Deena is definetly going to win!! Apart from deserving it the most, he has consistently proved himself throughout the series. The biggest moment for me was when he beat Thys in that pressure test of the Passion Hazelnut Gateau, he was completely out of his depth, but he still rose to the challenge!

  60. Deena will triumph as SA’s 1st Masterchef. A true champion in the kitchen 🙂

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