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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 2 of Adjusted Level 2, 1 June 2021


Tuesday 1 June 2021, Day 2 of Adjusted Level 2 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Gratitude for a very early start to the day, after Loadshedding last night, still being wide awake, and getting some of my work done already; for surviving on little sleep today; for a quick walk at lunchtime; for being well-prepared for my long meeting afternoon at the New Kings Hotel in the Piazza da Luz, my first day on the Communications job; for a quick shop at Woolies Piazza da Luz; for a Bakoven walk at sunset, catching a huge splash pic; for the fabulous service once a month from Mike at BP President, checking and cleaning everything for me; and for being happy, healthy, and free. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

RIP Tempestuous Food Writer Sonia Cabano!


I met Sonia Cabano ten years ago, ten days short of the exact date in May 2011. We had heard about each other, and connected twice in one week, I interviewing her about her latest cookbook, a story which detailed her background up to that point, a reference to those reading this tribute.

Yesterday evening it was announced that Sonia Cabano had been found dead in her house in Gardens, Cape Town, the cause of her death unknown.

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Twitter newbies: some guidelines to gain more Followers !

TwitterAfter six years or more of Twitter being an important part of the Social Media mix, it is a surprise to still see new Tweeters joining Twitter. Surprising is that so few Twitter newbies understand the medium, and many have a slim chance of attracting new Twitter followers when they follow one.

We occasionally check our Twitter Follower list, to see if any of our new Followers are worth following back, initially thought to be the right thing to do.  But increasingly we note that fewer and fewer new Followers are worth following back, the most interesting Continue reading →

Pieter vs Pendock: Plaintiff posts Publik Pendock punch!

Neil Pendock Sour GrapesThe wine industry is surprised about the repeated missives i.e. missiles from Neil Pendock, the blogging bully attacking Pieter de Waal, Secretary of the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group (SBIG), sponsor FNB, Christian Eedes as chairman of the judging panel, and the Sauvignon Blanc producers generically.  Most readers of Pendock’s raving ramblings have no idea what his fight is all about.  There is no better book title to describe this mess than the one penned by Pendock himself, appropriately entitled ‘Sour Grapes‘!

The Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group, with the material muscle of its sponsor FNB, is not allowing polemic Pendock to get away with his defamation, denigration, and  disparagement, and has taken action Continue reading →