MasterChef SA Season 2 episode 28: Finale sees Kamini Pather controversially crowned winner by a ‘fraction’!


MasterChef 2 28 Kamini and LeandriThere should have been no winner of MasterChef SA Season 2 episode 28 and the Finale of this reality TV cooking show last night, with both contestants making unforgivable mistakes in what was meant to be the pinnacle of the cooking competition!  As a winner had to be chosen, the judges announced Kamini Pather as the winner, beating Leandri van der Wat  by a ‘fraction’ of 6 out of 100 points.

The episode commenced with a very quick overview of the previous 27 episodes, highlighting Kamini’s near perfect past in being ‘top of the class’ (was this a predictor already?), and Leandri’s growth and top praise she received from Chef Prue Leith in particular.  The two Finalists arrived at the MasterChef SA kitchen at Nederburg on a very rainy day, and were surprised to find all fourteen the other MasterChef SA Finalists there, as well as their families.  Kamini’s mother Anthea and brother Neelan were present, as well as Leandri’s (and Seline’s) father Neil, aunt (her ‘second mother‘ Leandri said) and sister Nadine.  Chef Pete Goffe-Wood said that it was the biggest day of their lives, and he reminded the two Finalists about the prizes which the winner would win: R400000 in cash from Robertsons, groceries from Woolworths for a year, to the value of R100000, a new VW Golf 7,  a 5 day holiday at the Maia Luxury Resort & Spa holiday in the Seychelles from Tsogo Sun, as well as a year’s supply of wine and a full sommelier course from Nederburg! For the first time, the runner-up wins R100000 from Robertsons.

The Finalists were introduced to the challenges for the day, being a Mystery Box, an Invention Test, and then a Pressure Test, with the family members standing at their work stations, and the other 14 Finalists watching from above from the mezzanine level.  The two contestants received regular support from their family members and ‘colleagues’, with additional commentary to the camera.

Mystery Box

Chef Pete said that he had chosen eleven ingredients, and that the Finalists MasterChef 2 28 Mystery Box Whale Cottage Portfoliocould use any or all the ingredients and make any dish they wished. Ingredients included West Coast rock lobster, Nederburg Chardonnay, watercress, capers, coriander, fennel bulbs, pink fir apple potatoes, and self-raising flour.  The judges said that both Kamini and Leandri had good energy.  They were given 45 minutes for this challenge.

Leandri decided to make a standing custard with lobster, served with a watercress, coriander, and fennel soup on the side.   Shannon Smuts commented that it was a brave dish to make when the stakes were so high.  Leandri lost concentration by adding sugar instead of salt to the soup, not MasterChef 2 28 Leandri Mystery Box Whale Cottage Portfolioa mistake she should have made.  She tried to correct this by adding olive brine for greater saltiness and to counter the sweetness, also adding crème fraîche.   She told the judges that it was lovely to have her family present, who had encouraged her during the cooking. Chef Pete said her dish had good consistency, but Chef Benny Masekwameng said it was off balance with the overpowering saltiness.  She should have made fewer elements, but it was a ‘valiant attempt’.  Chef Andrew Atkinson said that it was adventurous to make custard in 45 minutes.  He liked the idea of her different elements. He picked up the over-salted attempt to counter the sugar error.

Kamini said that she was ‘fired up and ready to go‘.   She said ‘I want to win‘! She said that she felt stronger, having been ‘down to the bottom of the barrel‘.  For her Mystery Box dish she made a Cayenne pepper tagliatelle. Chef Pete observed that she used self-raising flour to make the pasta, and he warned her that it would have to be rolled very thin, as the baking powder it contains would make it expand. Kamini served a tomato and fennel sauce flavoured with the rock lobster.  MasterChef 2 28 Kamini Mystery Box Whale Cottage PortfolioAmanda Beck observed that Kamini always looks calm.  Chef Benny said that the dish had a good smell when he checked on her during her preparation.  Chef Pete was critical of her plating pasta on a flat plate, saying that a raised edge of a bowl helps one to eat it.   It was also questioned whether pasta was a dish that was suitable to serve for such an important competition.  Chef Pete liked the dish, and wanted to eat more, having said that if the dish was not a ‘wow, she is in serious trouble‘.  Chef Andrew said that it was not the most attractive presentation, and reminded the viewers that if the dish is simple each element must be prepared perfectly. Chef Benny said there were not many elements, but that they were perfect and ‘melt in the mouth‘.

Invention Test

In this test, only one protein was offered, being chicken, there being so much to do with it, Chef Benny said.  One must question whether the MasterChef SA Finalists should have been subjected to so easy a challenge at this Finale stage!   The Finalists had 75 minutes in which to prepare the dish, which included 5 minutes in the Pantry.

Leandri ran back from the Pantry with many ingredients including 5 liters of oil. She chose to make a chicken liver Crème Brûlèe, served with a date, fig and green apple chutney, and polenta crisps. She smoked salt. Seline referred to her sister as a ‘mad scientist’. Neil Lowe worried about Leandri’s timing, and Jason Steel asked whether having the chicken liver as the hero of the dish was enough to meet the judges’ criterion.MasterChef 2 28 Leandri Invention Test Whale Cottage Portfolio  There was a touch of burning of the sugar coating but the judges did not pick it up.  Presenting her plate to the judges, she said that ‘she had cooked from the heart‘. Chef Benny said that she had done all that she could, the polenta chips having a good crunch, and the parfait having caramelised well.  But the chutney overpowered everything.  Chef Pete picked up on the chutney too, saying it was too acidic. He liked the ‘rustic feel’ of her dish, with the chunky chips, giving it a ‘farmhouse feel‘. He questioned whether the dish had needed the extra sweetness from the brûlèe topping.  Chef Andrew said the the dish was ‘country style‘, the parfait was creamy, and that the dish was clever, the chutney lifting it.

Kamini said that she could not really ‘mess it up’, and planned to make a chicken curry and cauliflower dish, names-dropping that she was adding a custard inspired by Chef Luke Dale-Roberts (whom Chef Benny mistakenly referred to as ‘Dale‘) and Chef Chris Erasmus’ pork terrine.  Chef Benny praised her for beingMasterChef 2 28 Kamini Invention Test Whale Cottage Portfolio brave in trying some dishes she had not made before.  She made a liver custard. She struggled to get her chicken thigh terrine out of the holder to plate it,  but managed to get one slice for the plating.  Chef Pete said that she had made clever use of the chicken.  Chef Andrew said that the custard was overcooked, and that all the elements on her plate were beige.  He liked the proportion of the elements, and praised her for her skill, talent, and creativity. Chef Benny added that it was brave of her to choose to make a terrine in 75 minutes!

Pressure Test

The final dish which the Finalists had to prepare was one created by Chef Andrew, being a choux pastry éclair filled with peanut butter ice cream, topped with glossy pomegranate glaze, an orange reduction, warm pomegranate jellies, a pliable chocolate rope, and candied orange peel.  At this stage the Finalists were ‘neck and neck‘ on points, the judges said.  MasterChef 2 28 Chef Andrew dessert Whale Cottage PortfolioChef Andrew said that the quantities had to be spot on, and that the ice cream should be smooth yet crunchy.

Leandri said that she had made choux pastry for the eclairs before. She said there were many elements to the dish which could be ‘easy to mess up‘.   Seline commented with concern that the jelly would not set as Leandri had not cooked the agar agar (vegetarian gelatine) for long enough, but it did ultimately set.  She was not happy with the look of her pliable chocolate.  Her ice cream melted when she plated it, but she decided to keep it, to not lose out.   Presenting her dish to the judges, she said that she felt that she had done enough to win MasterChef SA, and if she came second, it would be by a ‘fraction‘!  Chef Benny said that her jellies were firm but not perfectly square, even though she had enough time.  There was a sharp taste to her jelly. The eclairs were too large. Chef Andrew loved her ice cream and its nutty taste. Chef Benny said that she would change many people’s lives, even when the winner was not yet announced!

Kamini was confident about making the jellies, having had to make it for Chef Richard Carstens dish too.  Chef Andrew commented that she was very composed. A big plaster on her finger was visible, but the mishap leading to this was not shown. Chef Benny suggested to her that she should follow the recipe and all should be fine. She had problems in getting her jelly to set, and her ice cream also did not set.  Seline pointedly commented that she had a problem with the agar agar.  She plated the jelly anyway. Chef Pete said that it was glaringly obvious that the jelly was not right, but he said that the ice cream was ‘glorious‘. Chef Benny added that everything had been done, but that the jelly had not cooked enough. Chef Andrew was more direct, saying that the jelly ‘had gone horribly wrong‘, and that she also had not added enough cocoa powder to the chocolate.

Mary Martin said that it had been incredible to watch Leandri and Kamini cook, and that it was impossible to say who would win.  The judges said that it had been an amazing day, and that amazing standards had been set.  They had cooked like ‘champions’, Chef Benny said.  The Pressure Test was not easy, and they were ‘pushed to their limits‘. They had become accomplished young chefs, Chef Pete said.

In summary, based on last night’s Finale alone, Leandri emerged as the far more creative chef, who pushed her creative boundaries, and who plated better.  Unfortunately she did not use her discipline as a scientist to pay attention to the small details, and made some silly mistakes.  She appears to have a wider cooking experience than Kamini, and looked more credible in her chef”s jacket.  In the past Kamini had been more creative when she could choose her own recipes, but was not very adventurous last night, playing it safe, making unforgivable mistakes, and demonstrating that plating and following recipes are not her strength.  Her time management was back on track last night, having been a weakness last week.

The final scores were shown, averaged over the three challenges and threeMasterChef 2 28 16 Finalists Whale Cottage Portfolio judges. The scores were 83 and 89, and it was Kamini who had scored the highest, to win MasterChef SA Season 2!  Chef Benny justified their decision, saying that she had ‘survived all challenges that were thrown at her’.  Many viewers were extremely angry about Kamini having been allowed to stay on in episodes 25 and 26,  as the MasterChef SA Facebook page shows, with hundreds of comments per post, mostly negative about the ‘rigged’ results.  Leandri was a bold runner-up,MasterChef 2 28 Kamini winning Whale Cottage Portfolio comforted by her father’s feedback that he was proud of her.  Unusual compared to Season 1 was that the prize-giving ceremony was not filmed, all the 16 Finalists having met in Johannesburg and viewed the episode together last night.   For many viewers the outcome, although known through leaks and silly mistakes such as Tsogo Sun posters with Kamini on them already having been erected in Gautrain stations in Johannesburg, still is unacceptable, given that Kamini attended a cooking course some years ago (the rules state that one was not allowed to have attended any courses), and her poor performances in the past three episodes, and even in last night’s Finale.

When Kamini’s team won a challenge during Season 2, they went to Charly’s MasterChef 2 28 Kamini Charly's Bakery Whale Cottage PortfolioBakery. There Jacqui Biess had made the contestants visualise winning MasterChef SA, including Kamini.  She had written: ‘Kamini is the next MasterChef * Boom!’

Surprising was to see Eat Out’s sloppy summary of episode 27 today, in which they mistakenly referred to Leandri having dinner with her family at Ten Bompas instead of at Tsogo Sun’s 54 on Bath.  Eat Out has now corrected the error, without acknowledgement!  One last comment should be made about the boring Reuben ‘Robertsons’ Riffel TV commercials, which did not change from last year,  and which misleadingly describe him as ‘SA’s top chef’, which he clearly no longer is!

We have enjoyed writing about MasterChef SA Season 2 in the past three months, but must record the very poor knowledge of food terminology and its spelling in the episode write-ups on their website, which improved when we wrote about this.  We are grateful to M-Net’s PRO Ingrid Engelbrecht for the invitation to attend the Media Day in January, but were disappointed at the variable supply of media releases, despite regular requests.  We apologise to our loyal readers who have no interest in MasterChef SA at all, and who were irritated that we spent so much time on it.  We do know that many chefs and restaurant staff who do not own an M-Net decoder and/or who worked at night enjoyed reading the summaries.  We are amazed at the readership of our most recent MasterChef blogposts yesterday, the readership of the blog having trebled to over 3000 unique readers yesterday. More than 600 readers had read our blogpost about the controversy regarding Kamini, and another close to 600 had read the post about the Chef Richard Carstens’ challenge.  The question was asked on Twitter how the sponsors as well as 2Oceansvibe radio station, on which Kamini has a weekly program, feel about the controversy about Kamini winning.  We question what the win has done for blogging, being linked to Kamini and this controversial win, Chef Benny (insultingly, probably unintentionally) saying to Kamini: ‘You are more than a food blogger now – now you are an accomplished cook’!

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POSTSCRIPT 12/9:  On reflection, given the mistakes made, none of the two Finalists should have scored more than 50% each in their dish replicating Chef Andrew’s dessert,  while the other two dishes made could not have have scored near 80%, given the errors which both Finalists made.   The readership of the MasterChef blogposts is unbelievable this morning (at 11h05), with more than 1500 unique readers already.  At the end of today, it had shot up to 4150 readers, with this blogpost attracting 800 readers alone.

POSTSCRIPT 12/9 : On a radio interview this morning Kamini revealed that she had known Chef Pete before she auditioned for MasterChef SA Season 2!  This should have disqualified her from entering, or he should have recused himself from judging each of her dishes, even though this is not a MasterChef entrance rule (but should obviously be)!

POSTSCRIPT 14/9:  In an interview with Beeld, Kamini has admitted to knowing Chef Pete before MasterChef SA Season 2.  On her previous blog Deelishus she writes that she attended at least two courses at Chef Liam Tomlin’s Chef’s Warehouse and Cookery School, one in Cape Town and one in Franschhoek.

 MasterChef SA, Season 2.  Twitter: @MasterChef_SA.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

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26 replies on “MasterChef SA Season 2 episode 28: Finale sees Kamini Pather controversially crowned winner by a ‘fraction’!”

  1. I loved your recaps, very honest and accurate! I must admit that the only reason I watched the show was because I am from Mahikeng and know Seline and Leandri personally, if not I would probably not have wasted my time (especially after the SASSI incident). Bring on Masterchef Australia!

    • You are lucky to have Leandri and Seline as friends Carlene. They embody pure goodness in every way.

  2. Kamini deserved to win. She won numerous tasks and did a great job. She made us Durbanites very proud of her. Whoever wrote this article, get a life. There’s no such controversy!!!!!!

    • You probably haven’t seen the MasterChef Facebook page Sophia to know how HUGE the controversy is! I have a fantastic life, thank you!

    • She did not deserve to win. She knew the chefs before and had the added advantage of being a food blogger. These things alone should have disqualified her from even entering. All my friends and family watched the series and could not believe Kamini won. What joke she is!

  3. Agreed. Masterchef Australia is way better in every possible way. Cant wait fro it to return to our screens.

  4. What’s weird is that, among all those winnings, Kamini doesn’t get a cookbook deal or a restaurant position. So what’s the point of winning? It’s meant to be about changing your life with regard to food but this year’s competition doesn’t guarantee to do that at all. Odd. And a bit pointless.

    • Tsogo Sun must have regretted offering the restaurant last year Claire, as it caused a major controversy, with Deena Naidoo allegedly telling a journalist that he was unhappy about the misleading restaurant prize, and that he had no intention to run the restaurant in Johannesburg, living in Durban. As Kamini is a blogger rather than a cook, she seems to be satisfied with what she won, having no intention to open a restaurant or to publish a cookbook. She wants to focus on online food media.

      • Hmm. So all that cooking not to cook? From the very first UK MasterChef, the series has always sold itself as discovering and building people who have the talent and desire to be great chefs.
        MCSA seems to have lost its way.

        • I think the sponsors got tighter with their prizes too Claire, especially Tsogo Sun. I think the viewership was down relative to Season 1.

  5. I really enjoyed Masterchef Season 2 as a whole, it’s one of the better locally produced series I have seen and much, much better than last season. What a shame it finished this way, with such controversy. If you had told me two weeks ago Kamini would win, I would have been thrilled – the three ladies have been my favourite right through. But both Jason and Ozzy’s eliminations left me bewildered, and I am a fan of neither. I have no doubt that this result was fixed, the producers were not subtle at all in trying to fool the viewer. This furore will die down, and I’m sure the show won’t lose many viewers over this, but I sure hope they’ve learnt their lesson and stop with the blatant manipulations. I can’t watch a show where I’m treated like a fool.

    Also looking forward to Masterchef Aus!

    • Absolutely agree Diane. Kamini should never have participated, having done some cooking courses and having met Chef Pete before she came on to the show.

  6. You and your clan are entitled toyour opinion. Its the calibre of that opinion that matters, when you express it on a public platform. The fact that you and think you are more suited to judge this comp than chefs benny,andrew and pete is bemusing. What is more surreal, is that you and your clan blatantly believe that Leandri out performed Kamini in the final. That just shows the 1 dimensional mindset you guys were watching this competition with.

    Leandri, her sister Seline and their family were gracious in their defeat and i take my hat off to Leandris dad for showing sportmanship by giving Kamini the victory lift. I feel the judges were fair in their decisions and allthe best to all the contestants in the future. To the haters out there…. get over it.

    • I don’t have a clan, so I am not sure who you are referring to. I think both Finalists should not have passed, due to their mistakes.

      I absolutely agree with your second paragraph, and saw in a photograph that Leandri’s dad held Kamini up high – what a great man!

      • The clan i am referring to is the clan who thinks they are better judges than chefs benny, pete and andrew. There are a number of these ‘judges’ lurking on forums at the moment. You claim there shouldnt be a winner, but your reason behind it does not validate your claim. Were you there to taste? Were you there to see the actual presentations? Are you aware of the criteria the chefs use as a benchmark to make decisions on? Do you really think the chefs would give praise when its not due? This, when chef pete made it clear after the chinese food challenge that all meals were below par!
        When watching a show like this, we put faith in the judges ajd their behind the scene auditors to deliver a fair and just result.
        Bring on season 3.

        • We are viewers, and hundreds have reacted to the poor performance by Kamini in particular, but also to Leandri’s mistakes. The cameras were there to show us what the two Finalists were presenting to the judges – it was clear to see how poor the performance was. The judges focus on texture, plating, and taste. In the Pressure Test, an exact replica of Chef Andrew’s dish was required, yet Kamini did not get all the elements correct.

          • Correct. But kamini won the first 2 challenges comfortably, hence her average was higher and she was crowned. Leandris dessert also had faults, but i think she outscored kamini there. But in the end, the result was fair. Also, these are ammateur chefs, so 1 should expect mistakes. Given the timeline and quick choices these contestants make with all the risks, i would gaurantee you, even professional chefs would make mistakes under that pressure.

          • I don’t agree. MasterChef SA is for amateur cooks, but does not tolerate mistakes, especially not when offering such prizes!

  7. At the end of the day the people we should really blame for this debacle are the Producers of the show and the judges. Its sad how it ended and its really rough for Kamini and Leandri. Plus the standard of cooking in the final was really poor. the judges should have not been so impressed with the dishes and given such high marks for them. it is clear over the course of the series that the contestants have not learnt anything when one dish is a pasta and the other is riddle with mistakes. On a whole i think masterchef series 2 was really poor and they should really go back to the drawing board and figure out what they want.

    • Good input Mitchell. One does hope that they read all the commentary, to know what worked and what didn’t.

  8. I think the biggest problem is that the SA Masterchef is too short and contestants skills do not improve enough over that time frame. Look at Australia Masterchef which is much much longer and you can see their skills improve dramatically by the end of the show.

    I don’t have a problem with Kamini winning but it is a concern that she was allowed to compete after doing cooking courses and knowing Pete.

  9. kamini pather won MCSA.I wouldnt say she done that well in the end,but she made it.The vd Walt sisters were amazin awswell.I work at Springfontein,with chef Jurgen Schneider.Amazing experience.Kamini came to have dinner by us tonight.Must say personally a beautiful,friendly woman.Im a hugebfan of her.She left more than satisfied,loved what we had to offer.Spread the word,SPringfontein EAts we are here to blow your miNds!*

    • If I am correct, you are the new restaurant in Stanford? I heard about it from JP Rossouw.

      Kamini is working on a TV show – we sat at the same table at the Eat Out Awards. She is extremely quiet and introverted.

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