SA Butler Academy gets a Karma klap, Website not accessible! Marketing dishonesty continues!



The SA Butler Academy cannot stay out of the news. For all its dishonesty towards its students and their future employers, as well as disparagement of its critics like myself and international Butler author and writer Steven Ferry, it may be good news that its website is out of action, a possible Karmic payback!

It must be a devastating blow to the Academy, so focused on trying to keep me off the Google Top 10 list when one Googles its name, my 2013 Blogpost about its dishonesty still ranked third!

The SA Butler Academy grossly misleads its students and hospitality industry clients!

Last week I reported that the SA Butler Academy had removed the disparagement about Mr Ferry and myself from its website. On closer inspection I discovered  that only persons with access to a password can access the disparagement pages of the website. Now I have been told that the disparagement has been moved to the Guild Recruitment Website. The disparagement about its former Singaporean student Lin Yang has been removed completely, under threat of legal action being taken by Ms Lin.

SA Butler Academy continues its lies to its students and future employers, and now hides its disparagement of its critics on its website!

Going one step further, my browser Safari warns that the Butler Academy website has an ‘expired certificate’. The reasons for this happening can be ‘if the website is misconfigured, an attacker has compromised your connection, or your system clock is incorrect.’  What is karmic about this message is the possibility of a website hack, my Blog having been severely hacked at the time the Academy took me to court unsuccessfully, to have my Blogpost about its dishonesty removed four years ago!

Guild Recruitment is the recruitment arm of the Academy. However, its name does not appear on the Academy website. Students are promised placement at employers once they have completed their course, this promise being used as a marketing tool, but when the student completes the course, the promised employment position is no longer available! When one Googles ‘SA Butler Academy’,  Guild Recruitment does not appear in the first 10 pages of Google, seemingly hijacked by a cleaning company CLEANYX! Its website is more of a Butler School website, and very little information about the type of employment positions and its success in placing its students is provided. It appears to be more of an Instagram platform than anything else! It is poorly designed, with paragraph duplications right as one opens the website. It appears to focus on employment in private households rather than in hotels, yachts, or other larger businesses.

Coming across the Academy’s LinkedIn profile, my eye caught more dishonesty, and misleading and exaggerated claims (English has never been a strength of the School):

#   ‘No other school can compare (sic) the passion nor the tailored art for (sic) perfection as we do’

#   Providing Butler education for the ‘world’s largest and most dynamic private clients’.

#   Students will have their ‘world class technical skills’ enhanced.

#   ‘The South African Butler Academy (sic) renowned as the only leader in Butler Service worldwide ….’, an exorbitant claim!

The SA Butler Academy has become the laughing stock of the Hospitality industry, with its poor command of English, its exaggerated claims, and blatant misleading Marketing!


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