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Sweet Service Award goes to City of Cape Town; Sour Service Award goes to WP Blood Service!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town and its Mayor Geordin Hill Lewis, for lighting up the Cape Town City Hall, as a symbol of our city’s solidarity with Ukraine on Wednesday. While the city’s residents would have liked to see the City Hall to be lit for longer than just one day, and ideally our city icon Table Mountain too, it was a symbolic gesture that has made Capetonians proud of its city leadership, given that our national government is supporting Russia, it would seem! Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Western Cape Blood Service; Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the Western Cape Blood Service, and its Branch on Long Street especially, for doing an amazing job in encouraging blood donors to donate blood. I receive an sms message every three months to donate blood, and the welcome at the Branch is warm, the Covid protocol is strict, my iron level is checked, my blood pressure is checked, I receive a juice while donating blood, and I receive a wonderful cup of tea afterwards, with a selection of biscuits and fruit cake. One of the ladies who ‘checks’ us in knows that I drink my tea black and weak, and makes it to perfection. We receive a gift on most visits, yesterday’s gift being a pair of winter socks (will be passed on), and two branded masks. Continue reading →

Book Review: ‘Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch’ tells a saucy saga of transformation; fact or fiction?!

I was sent a copy of Eva Mazza’s ‘Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch’ by Jacana Press, to review, my first Book Review. Whilst I waded through the sex, and sex, and sex, I wondered how I would write this review, this being a family-friendly Blog. But it was right at the end that the message of the book was clear: no matter how terrible the life experiences one goes through, there is always growth and an opportunity to transform, and lead a better life, echoing my two ‘SwitchBitch’ books which I published last year.  Continue reading →

New Tiger’s Milk Restaurant & Bar Splendido on Kloof Street splendid success! New Friday venue for DJ René music and dancing!

In less than a week after opening its newest Tiger’s Milk Restaurant & Bar on Kloof Street in Cape Town, the restaurant is operating smoothly, as if it has always been there. It is already busy, attracting custom with little marketing effort to date by the Harbour House Group. A hugely exciting attraction is that DJ René Tanguy will be playing at the newest Tiger’s Milk on Fridays, starting this week. It is the 26th Harbour House Group restaurant to open.  Continue reading →