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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 18 of Level 2, 4 September 2020.


Friday 4 September 2020, Day 18 of Level 2, Day 162 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a very successful and well organized day, having written my Blogpost for the day last night already; for getting my head together in writing a summary of issues relating to overcharging by Sandak-Lewin in numerous respects, needed for a meeting with my lawyer this afternoon; for not having Loadshedding at 12h00, giving me extra time to complete my summary, and to do a walk through Camps Bay, so excited to see Firefly open today, only serving beverages this weekend, and food from Monday onwards; for a quick pop in at Dinkel Bakery to get my favourite poppy seed roll; for fetching my restrung pearl bracelets from FreeRange; for a very productive meeting about Sandak-Lewin with my lawyer, finding it hilarious that they are managing agents for the Keerom Street building in which my lawyer has her chambers too, and she had little nice to say about them as well; for a shop in the Garden’s Centre; for a second Camps Bay walk, seeing The 41 and Mantra Café having reopened today; for being invited to The 41 by Marius Blanc as I walked past, not only offered an Aperol Spritz but also gifted a brightly designed mask; for a lovely sunset, taking photographs at the Tidal Pool; for a lovely 18C sunny day; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Victoire Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro brings France to Cape Town!

It was at a dinner with Katie Friedman of Urban Lime that I heard about the opening of Victoire, a French Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro in the newly redeveloped Speakers’ Corner building on Church Square in Cape Town. I attended the opening, as well as had breakfast at Victoire the following day.  Continue reading →

The first branch of The Deli Coffee Co opens on Kloof Street, formerly Melissa’s!

After a two week renovation period, the first branch of The Deli Coffee Co has opened, on Kloof Street, home to the former Melissa’s, ironically the first outlet which Melissa van Hoogstraten opened twenty years ago. Melissa’s has closed down all its company-owned stores, while most franchise stores have changed their names, and are continuing to operate, the company having gone into liquidation.  Continue reading →

Camps Bay restaurant collection grows to 29, exciting new restaurant openings ahead!

I had not been to Camps Bay, other than to drive through it on my way to and back from dancing at Constantia Nek on Sunday evenings, in many months. As the weather forecast for yesterday showed that it would be the warmest day for Spring/Summer to date, I drove to Camps Bay on a 30C day, to update my restaurant information for the suburb. Continue reading →