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Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Dash, Sour Service Award goes to Takealot

The Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Dash, which is a most amazing order and delivery service, surpassing Checkers Sixty/60, mainly because it does not surprise one with out of stocks as does Checkers. Today I received a new feature – the name of the packer, and the stages of packing and delivery completed, the delivery arriving punctually in the one hour period requested. It has changed my life, as I don’t have to lug my shopping bags up the steps from my garage, nor tolerate mainly unsatisfactory service at the tills.

The Sour Service Award goes to TakeaLot, for yet another delivery disaster, the worst to date. I had ordered a new Bosch citrus juicer, and was promised next day delivery, a surprise given the deliveries taking a week or longer of late. It was scheduled for a Saturday, and I stayed at home all day, waiting for it. I received two sms messages, notifying me of my delivery being out on the road and that it would reach me before 17h00. At 16h54 I was notified that the delivery was not made as I had not been contactable, yet I was at home, and I had not received a call or message from the driver. I contacted the company and had to postpone the delivery to the next Monday, worried that the same could happen again. Fortunately I checked the Tafelberg website, and saw that they stocked exactly the same juicer, but for R100 cheaper. I had to request permission from Takealot to cancel my order – yes, and finally received a credit for the paid-for juicer. Another order earlier this week arrived after 19h00, and only because I saw a missed call from the driver. Takealot should brush up its service, given that Amazon is on the horizon!

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Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay; Sour Service Award goes to ESKOM!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay, and its head office staff, for hosting a group discussion with customers, requesting feedback about their shopping experiences at the branch. We learnt that the store is to undergo a major renovation and upgrade in January, that the Hot Foods section will be revamped, that the positioning of the tills is to be amended to address the queueing problem, that the till staff is to be trained to address their disrespect to customers, that fruit Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths, Sour Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Camps Bay, and its staff member Nicole, who took the trouble to find two boxes of multipack Whiskas pouches which the store did not have in stock, to fetch them, and to alert me to the availability within 24 hours of my request. Fantastic service.



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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 91 of Level 1, 30 December 2021


Thursday 30 December 2021, Day 91 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a more relaxed yet working day, preparing for my Status Meetings this afternoon; for a coolish day at 21C, the South Easter blowing now with a cold bite; for a midday Bakoven walk; for buying two poppyseed rolls at Dinkel, for oulaas in 2021, so nice to see Cain again; for a reasonably empty city while driving to Utopia for my two meetings, happy that its New Year’s Eve bookings picked up so nicely, interesting that diners Continue reading →