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Gratitude for a fabulous 2022 !


Grateful for a fabulous year 2022 ❤️:

*. Getting my cataracts removed and hence able to pass my driver’s license renewal

*. Getting my passport renewed, after a very long wait, having the freedom to travel this year

*. For buying a house, my passport to freedom from sharing a property with AirBnB renters, despite the noise disturbances having reduced vastly in the past few months and the first Trustee having sold her apartment…. two more to go… And for asserting Continue reading →

SA Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment continues its revenge action with racism allegations!


An interaction outside my EbbTide apartment block between an Uber driver and I, which was in part videoed by the driver without my permission, is circulating around Cape Town.

The SA Butler Academy, and its sister company Guild Recruitment, is circulating the video about this interaction, to businesses in Camps Bay and to the media, in an attempt to discredit me. They are using a fake email account ‘JR Williams’. The subject line of the email is ‘The way the tour guide Chris von Ulmenstein treats black tourists in Cape Town’.  Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra; Sour Service Award goes to EbbTide 201 Trustee!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, for performing a lunch-time Concert of Gratitude outside the Groote Schuur Hospital on 15 September, to thank the healthcare workers of the hospital for all their work, support of patients, and sacrifices made during the Corona pandemic. ‘Our tribute to the health workers of South Africa. They put their lives on the line to ensure we were all as safe as possible. Thank you. We hope you enjoy our tribute to you’, wrote the Orchestra Director Louis Heyneman.


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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 23 of Level 3 Adjusted, 19 January 2021


Tuesday 19 January 2021, Day 23 of Level 3 Adjusted, Day 300 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a cooler day, overcast this morning, and the wind picking up now; for a good return blast to the Trustee, who clearly is stalking me on Facebook; for an efficient writing morning, giving me time to walk to Clifton Fourth Beach and back, gaining 200 Discovery points; for efficiently setting up a Camps Bay Cleaning meeting for Friday; for meeting with my new second client at his restaurant this afternoon, liking its feel, not having been there for many years; for a spontaneous pop in at Café Charles in De Waterkant, just after it closed at 3 pm, but its door was still open, so I had a tea with Justine Bee and some of my carrot cake, taking the rest home with me; for dancing to Kfm’s Dansdag 💃💃💃; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →