Corona Lockdown Level 3 regulations presented by Government, without any surprises, aimed to ‘secure the future of this beautiful country’!



In a reasonably efficiently presented speech to the nation, listeners and viewers addressed as ‘Compatriots’, Minister of Co-operative  Governance Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma presented a short half an hour summary of the Level 3 regulations, not surprising the nation with any changes to the broad Level 3 outline presented by President Ramaphosa on Sunday evening. The Minister concluded her speech by saying: ‘We must endure today to secure the future of this beautiful country’.  

Corona Virus: President Ramaphosa announces step-down to Level 3 from 1 June 2020, opening up of the economy, restaurant meal collection, unrestricted exercise, and sale of Alcohol!

My summary of the Minister’s Speech follows below, followed by the full Speech:


1. Level 3 opens up the economy to Level 3, on a risk-adjusted strategy, balancing lives with livelihoods.

2.  In the workplace and on public transport masks must be worn, sanitisers must be utilised, and patrons must be screened

3.  Prevention of the Virus spreading is the responsibility of each one of us.

4.  We do not want the gains made in fighting the Virus to be reversed, as the risk will now be greater.

5.  Scientific advice, benchmarking from other countries, and the WHO were used to guide Level 3 regulations. However each province will have its own risk-adjusted strategy.

6.  The whole country moves to Risk Level 3 on 1 June.

7.  The Lockdown continues until the curve is flattened for a reasonable period.

8.  The hotspots were mentioned, being the major metropolitan cities and districts in our country, including Cape Town, the Cape Winelands District, the West Coast, and the Overberg in the Western Cape Province.

9.  The Minister of Health will announce the stricter measures to be taken in Hotspot areas. Higher level restrictions may be announced, including movement between areas.

10.  Citizens are permitted to move, going to work, shop, exercise, and for medical attention.

11.  Inter-provincial travel is only allowed for work, funerals, and schools/universities.

12.  More time is granted for exercise, from 6h00 – 18h00,  on condition that it is not done in groups, and must be done by wearing masks and observing Social Distancing.

13.  The curfew is lifted

14.  Work gatherings may only be held under strict conditions.

15.  Employees must be 1,5 meters apart, or else fewer staff must come to work, to allow for the Social Distancing.

16.  Restaurants, bars, shebeens, cinemas, casinos and more may not open

17.  Restaurants may add Food Collection to the Food Delivery service they already offer. No sit-down service is allowed

18.  All accommodation establishments remain closed, except if qualified guests as tourists, or for quarantine and isolation, or business travellers.

19.  A maximum of 50 persons may attend a funeral.

20.  In religious buildings Social Distancing of 1,5 meters must be adhered to, influencing the number of persons who can attend ceremonies.

21.  International ports of entry are closed, except for exports, South Africans returning home, and foreigners returning to their countries.

22.  Domestic air travel will be allowed, at a date to be announced.

23.  Public servants return to work.

24.  Persons 60 years and older are to preferably stay at home, and work from home.

25.  Every company is to have a Covid Plan, and a Covid Compliance Officer, and be available for Inspector visits.

26.  No tobacco products may be sold locally, only exports of them being allowed.

27.  Alcohol may be sold for at home consumption on Mondays – Thursdays from 9h00 – 17h00.


Minister of Trade and Industry Ebrahim Patel announced that:


  1.  Domestic servants may return to work from 1 June

2.   Restaurants offering a Collection Service from Monday should encourage customers to pre-order, to prevent a congregation of persons collecting the orders at the restaurant entrance or kerbside.

3.  Licensed Restaurants are permitted to sell sealed bottles of alcohol directly to customers coming to collect meals, or by Delivery, from Mondays to Thursdays, from 9h00 – 17h00.


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