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President Ramaphosa lifts alcohol ban, moves SA to Level 3, restaurants jubilant !


This evening President Ramaphosa moved our country’s Lockdown to Level 3, after 28 days of Level 4, a tough month for the Restaurant industry.

Despite Sit-Down dining being permitted midway through Level 4, most restaurants chose to remain closed, it not being economically viable to reopen without selling alcohol.

The President permitted the sale of alcohol in restaurants from tomorrow, until 20h00. Liquor outlets may sell alcohol on Mondays – Thursdays.  The Curfew starting time has been pushed back to 22h00. All excellent news for the Restaurant industry.

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President Ramaphosa announces new Lockdown Adjusted Level 4 regulations!


In a Speech following his Adjusted Level 3 Speech a mere 13 days ago, President Ramaphosa announced hard-hitting new measures to curb the ravaging Wave 3 of the Corona Pandemic in our country, with effect from tomorrow.

The President announced an Adjusted Level 4 Lockdown as of tomorrow, with Curfew starting at 21h00.  Restaurants may only offer Food Delivery and Collection.  No alcohol sales are allowed at all.

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President Ramaphosa announces Restaurants to reopen for Sit-Down Service, looks after women by allowing Personal Care industry to reopen and lambasts men for gender-based violence, non-contact sports allowed!


In an interesting Address by President Ramaphosa this evening, almost as much time was spent lambasting men about the violence and crime perpetrated against women and children, as was curbing the spread of the Corona Virus addressed, with new industries which are to reopen announced.

Restaurants may reopen for a Sit-Down Service, Personal Care services such as hairdressers and beauty salons may reopen, ‘licensed’ accommodation excluding Air BnB may reopen, public gathering restrictions will be loosened, theatres and cinemas will reopen, casinos will reopen, conference facilities will reopen, and non-contact sports such as cricket, tennis, and golf may be played. However, no date was announced nor were the specific regulations per type of business addressed. Cigarette sales were not mentioned.  Continue reading →

Corona Lockdown Level 3 regulations presented by Government, without any surprises, aimed to ‘secure the future of this beautiful country’!


In a reasonably efficiently presented speech to the nation, listeners and viewers addressed as ‘Compatriots’, Minister of Co-operative  Governance Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma presented a short half an hour summary of the Level 3 regulations, not surprising the nation with any changes to the broad Level 3 outline presented by President Ramaphosa on Sunday evening. The Minister concluded her speech by saying: ‘We must endure today to secure the future of this beautiful country’.  

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