Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 99 of Level 1, 28 December 2020.



Monday 28 December 2020, Day 99 of Level 1, Day 278 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a deep but too short sleep; for getting into writing mode early, doing my first ever sponsored posts for my client which all went well, being slightly nervous; for a lovely morning tea and Xmas cake treat with Gary Peterson, airdropping the video he did of the Carte Blanche program to my phone, watching it with him; for receiving a detailed timeline breakdown of everything which Singaporean Lin Yang has been through with the SA Butler Academy, in time for me to add it into my Blogpost about the Carte Blanche program of last night; for all the lovely compliments about the program; for a quick walk to Bakoven, where there was lots of litter to clean up, the same applying to Camps Bay later this afternoon, looking terrible with all the litter in the Tidal Pool area; for a quick drop in by Emma, bringing me a gift of inflatable solar lights; and for being healthy but tired. 🙏💙

Carte Blanche exposes SA Butler Academy Marketing deception, first exposed on WhaleTales Blog in 2013!

Because the Carte Blanche program was only 11 minutes long, I did a summary of my ‘relationship’ with the Butler Academy over the past 7 years, while Lin Yang summarized her eighteen months with them, so proud of how feisty she is and how she has stood her ground, she requesting Carte Blanche to do a program about the shenanigans of the Butler Academy. An increasing number of students is coming out of the woodwork as a result of the program, to join in a class action with Yang and other students.

My cleaning team has three days off, and my heart sank when I saw how dreadful Bakoven (bins overflowing) and Camps Bay near the Tidal Pool looked. I had to request help to clean it up tomorrow, sadly some if it likely to blow into the ocean tonight. I didn’t have the energy to clean it up on my own, already having tackled Bakoven earlier on. 😱😡

Making up for this was the lovely ‘small’ gift from Gary Ahrens, the Manager of our lovely Woolies Camps Bay, who gifted me a beautiful orchid. What a surprise. 👏💙 I did a shop there too.

I’m not sure if I have the energy to drink any wine in anticipation of the Family Meeting with Uncle Cyril at 20h00 😱!

SA Corona Status 1011871 cases 27071 deaths 😷😥

FitBit 10000 steps 7 km 👣


The Corona Virus Lockdown (Level 5), announced by our President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier to commence on 27 March and to continue until 16 April, subsequently extended to 30 April, lowered to Level 4 from 1 May, lowered to Level 3 from 1 June, lowered to Level 2 from 18 August, and lowered to Level 1 from 21 September, is an unprecedented event in my lifetime. I am posting my daily Facebook post to journal this Corona Lockdown Journey, perhaps to serve as material for a future Book.

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