3 replies on “World Design Capital 2014 Gala Dinner not reflective of Cape Town design excellence!”

  1. Thus far, all I’ve seen of WDC2014 is canapés, backslapping and a few posters. The sheer retail-friendliness of the DI left much to be desired, and the almost total lack of information on the ground about how WDC2014 will affect the man in the street is breathtaking.

    To date, all that’s visible are a few (some apparently not so) slick dinner do’s and self-congratulatory photo ops for bigwigs – yet design is supposed to make a difference, to all our lives, and the way we live it. When is that going to happen, or has this been overlooked in the relentless pursuit of PR exercises? Surely the budgets being blown on big-ticket Names could be used more constructively elsewhere?

    There are many communities that could use the cash for better streetlights, better houses, better toilets – are these not opportunities for design to change lives? Or are we still aspiring to few, very well-designed projects that are ultimately more akin to European design than relevant to South Africa? By now, a wide range of highly visible yellow-tagged projects should be in progress on the streets, explicitly created to raise Cape Town’s game both on the ground and in the eyes of the world.

    Sure, it’s only March, but then we’ve already had yellow fever for 3 months, and what are we actually seeing for it?

    Seriously, WDC2014, you need to relook your strategy and up your game in terms of getting comms out there about how the citizens of Cape Town – ALL OF THEM – will engage with WDC2014. Otherwise, how are we expected to get excited about this?

    Great review, Chris, thanks for shooting for facts and not froth.

    • Thank you for your detailed point of view, and your support Dezaana.

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