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The Pottery opens in Camps Bay, owned by locals; pottery, food and cocktails for Locals!


Last week The Pottery opened next door to Dizzy’s on The Drive in Camps Bay, after a much-needed renovation of the space, which served as Dizzy’s Bar for many years. Two of the three owners of The Pottery live in Camps Bay, and have promised that at least one of them will be at the restaurant at any time.

Camps Bay is the fourth The Pottery branch to open, other branches being in George, Ballito, and Jeffrey’s Bay.

The food and beverage offering is limited but its quality and pricing is excellent, a bonus for Camps Bay locals.

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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 59 of Level 1, 28 November 2021


Sunday 28 November 2021, Day 59 of Level 1, 1st Advent 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a cool day initially after rain overnight, becoming misty and then clearing up, becoming humid; for catching up on sleep, on writing blogposts for next week, and on walking outside, having been below my step quota in the past two days 😱; for trying out the new The Pottery which opened in Camps Bay this week, opposite the Pick n Pay and Woolies parking area, next to Dizzy’s; for bumping into two German tourists, on honeymoon and not very happy after their first week in Cape Town, she having been ill, and complaining about the overflowing litter bins and ‘rich’ Camps Bay not matching Ibiza Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 3 of Level 1, 3 October 2021


Sunday 3 October 2021, Day 3 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a fabulous relaxed day, catching up on me; for a second round of sleep, savouring the silence in our building…. finally 🙏; for writing Blogposts for the week ahead, which looks to be a very busy one; for a good challenging walk combined with litter cleaning and seeing two 💙 clouds, and meeting the lovely trio of owners opening The Pottery in the former Mykonos restaurant building in Camps Bay; for bumping in to David Kramer on my walk, always wearing his little hat; and for being happy, healthy, and free. 🙏💙 Continue reading →