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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 49 of Level 1, 18 November 2021


Thursday 18 November 2021, Day 49 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a Thursday with a difference, my Thursday Status meetings moved to tomorrow, Utopia doing extremely well in being fully booked until the end of Monday; for Cape Town having a new Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, the youngest City Mayor ever at 34, and for all our Councillors being inaugurated today; for the weeds having been removed from ‘my’ stream at the Tidal Pool by the City Parks department, after my request to Nicola Jowell; for an uninterrupted day of client work, with no Ebbtide maintenance issues to attend to 🙏; for a walk to Bakoven and to the Tidal Pool; for a warm Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Waterkloof Restaurant perfect plating, staff service sabotage!

Waterkloof Rtaurant Intrior Whale CottageIt is about three months ago that I popped in at Waterkloof outside Somerset West for a spontaneous lunch on a Sunday, just before the Eat Out Awards Gala Dinner in November.  I have long been impressed with the magnificent plating by Chef Gregory Czarnecki, which he has posted on Facebook regularly, and found a restaurant with perfection as far as theWaterkloof Chef Gregory 2 kitchen goes, but sadly lacking on service, feeling like service sabotage of the good work done by the chefs!

I arrived reasonably early,  just after midday, and Minette Notjie the hostess tried to find a table for me.  It took quite some time, and with the intervention of Chef Gregory a table was made available. I was told that Sundays are hectic in the restaurant, so was grateful for the table Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Borage Bistro offers refreshing German fusion cuisine and service!

Borage Bistro Interior 2 Whale CottageBorage Bistro has been on my list to try since it opened in May, and on Friday last week my friend Judy and I chose it for our lunch destination.  After a hesitant welcome by the waitress, we were well-attended to by front of house manager and co-owner Dennis Molewa, and found a sophisticated haven of German fusion cuisine and service standard.

Dennis told us that three co-owners opened the restaurant in the new Portside Building at the bottom of Bree Street, none of them having any experience in running a restaurant. Major shareholder is Christian Vaatz, a Cape Town based investment manager who loves outdoor eating.  He connected with Dennis, who has lived in Cape Town for four years, having worked for Amazon locally, and originally is from Frankfurt.  Chef Frank Marks is a German Namibian who studied at Silwood Kitchen, and joined Chef Luke Dale-Roberts when he was still at La Colombe, and then followed him when he set up The Test Kitchen. As if that wasn’t enough rubbing of shoulders with our country’s official best restaurant chef, Frank left his local job, and was accepted to do a stageBorage Bistro Dennis and Chef Frank Whale Cottage at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck in Bray in the UK, before becoming full-time employed by him at Dinner by Heston in London, spending two years there. working with Chef Heston’s head chef Ashley Palmer-Watts, before returning to Chef Luke at The Pot Luck Club.  He likes to study the scientific aspects of food, experimenting with foams and gels, and to Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Fisherman’s Catch brings West Coast to Franschhoek!

Fisherman's Catch & Grill Interior Whale Cottage PortfolioI had noticed the fish restaurant Fisherman’s Catch on the main road coming in to Franschhoek for a few months, the building previously having been used as a Tool Hire shed. The signage outside promises ‘West Coast comes to Franschhoek‘! While sceptical of trying a fish-focused restaurant in Franschhoek, it was better than I expected, yet has the potential for great improvement!

From the photographs I took of the outside signage I noticed that the restaurant has two names, its latest name being Fisherman’s Catch & Grill.   The owner Ian Davie from St Helena Bay explained that its official name is Fisherman’s Catch. Ian is the leaseholder, and had a West Coast person manage the restaurant for him at the beginning of the year.  Ian had to close the restaurant for a while after the manager had a heart attack.Fisherman's Catch & Grill Sign old Whale Cottage Portfolio Ian re-opened a month ago, adjusted the restaurant name slightly, appointed Brett Smith to manage the restaurant, and appointed the kitchen staff (ex Reuben’s and Kalfie’s), who came to train on the West Coast. Ian had the decor done. Continue reading →