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Sea Point Restaurants and Residents go out onto the street on Freedom Day!


Freedom Day is celebrated today with Restaurants on Regent Road going out onto the street, bringing their cuisine and beverages outside on a perfect weather day

An initiative of the City of Cape Town to get Capetonians back to the city, it follows similar previous events organised by the City on Bree Street and Long Street.

My friend Gary Peterson joined me on a walk along Regent Road, from Piazza da Luz up to Church Road, and back.  It was a wonderful opportunity to window shop, to shop for food as well as for clothing and other items sold by shopkeepers on the Festival strip.

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Zest Restaurant introduces Spring Menu : 5 courses at R198!


Newly opened Zest Restaurant has introduced a value-for-money Spring Menu consisting of five courses, and costing only R198. It is available until 30 September.

Zest is an Asian-Mediterranean fusion restaurant which cooks its meat, fish, and vegetables on an open fire grill. The Kameeldoring wood used for the fire adds a special aroma to the foods cooked on it.

Zest owner is Chef Pavel Dimitrov, current co-owner of Utopia Cape Town, and former partner in Pigalle and NV-80. He believes in Less is More, with only a few ingredients in each dish, and he does not use smears, foams, or gels in his plating. Local and Fresh is Best is the Zest mantra. Continue reading →

Restaurant Winter Specials: Cape Town and Winelands (10 June 2021)


The Winter months are always tough on restaurants, as diners are not keen to leave their homes when it is cold and wet. With the reduced trade, added to Loadshedding,  and the earlier Curfew start time, restaurants are keen to attract business by offering Winter specials.

I will compile an ongoing Restaurant Winter Specials list for Cape Town and Winelands Restaurants, updated regularly. I welcome all information about Winter Specials. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 46 of Level 3 Adjusted, 10 February 2021.


Wednesday 10 February 2021, Day 46 of Level 3 Adjusted, Day 341 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a relaxed smooth-flowing organized day; for no wind at all, on a 27C day; for a brisk uphill walk with Imtiaz, from Victoria Road in Bakoven  to Ingleside Road and back, giving me a good Cardio workout and 300 points; for 2 Discovery Gameboard plays just after midnight and just before Loadshedding, not getting enough points to buy a voucher;  for receiving just over R500 back from Discovery Insure for good driving and lower petrol usage; for getting some of my work for tomorrow done today; for receiving a R300 voucher from Royal Canin for kitten food, but how to cash it in is still a riddle; for a R50 discount voucher from Checkers60 which I used to buy Whiskas pouches, the favorite of my Kits, my total saving being R15 as they charge R35 delivery…. 😱; for an early morning call from Barbara Lenhard, who is back in Cape Town with her Flo for a few weeks, arranging a dinner date; for another walk during Loadshedding this afternoon, and using the time to do some non-internet admin; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →