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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 88 of Level 1, 27 May 2021


Thursday 27 May 2021, Day 88 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Gratitude for an organized day; for surviving on only 4 hours of sleep, feeling energized because it was so busy; for a walk up the 100 Houghton Steps and down Houghton Road; for a wonderful afternoon, doing a quick shop at the German shop and then at Hartlief, for fetching my rolls at Dinkel and buying mustard at the upstairs German shop, for a short and sweet Status meeting at Utopia, and photographing the range of Chardonnays it stocks, for International Chardonnay Day Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: New Exhibit A Fine-dining restaurant serves fine fun food, but service does not match cuisine quality!

I have experienced the cuisine creativity and presentation of Chefs Rikku O’DonnchĂź and Warwick King three times at GĂĽte when they opened at Quoin Rock wine estate outside Stellenbosch a year ago, and three times since they established their own SŸN Group since leaving GĂĽte, first as a SŸN Pop-up, and then as their brand new Exhibit A, in the past year, In this period I have seen the growth in this creative chef team, challenging itself continuously to do things differently and to break their own boundaries. Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Victoire Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro brings France to Cape Town!

It was at a dinner with Katie Friedman of Urban Lime that I heard about the opening of Victoire, a French Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro in the newly redeveloped Speakers’ Corner building on Church Square in Cape Town. I attended the opening, as well as had breakfast at Victoire the following day.  Continue reading →

Winter 2018 a restaurant bloodbath in Cape Town and Winelands, but exciting new openings too!

Every winter is a tough time for the restaurant industry. With the dip in Tourism due to the water shortage, and the early heavy winter rains, the restaurants in Cape Town and the Winelands are feeling the pinch, and many have closed down, even some on the iconic restaurant Bree Street, as well as in the Waterfront!  Continue reading →